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ACNL:Welcome amiibo

Animal Crossing New Leaf's Tex, my favorite resident

Saying goodbye to Tex, my buddy.

If you’re not into spoilery information you may not want to read this post because I’m so excited over a new feature in the update, Welcome amiibo, I’m going to talk about it. Actually, I’m going to talk about a couple of new features so, if you’re still reading, consider yourself warned.

I read on Twitter that it was possible to sell your town in Animal Crossing: New Leaf and was confused. Since when, and, to be more specific, why on EARTH would I want to sell my town after putting so much work into it? I read about Welcome Amiibo, the update for ACNL and, as much as I didn’t want to admit it, was intrigued. The idea of starting over really does appeal to me. It’s why I have so many low level alts in LotRO, after all. My altism is caused by the urge to start over fresh, have new and maybe different adventures … second chances! The more I thought about it the more I was game, but not until I ran all over my town to find Tex, my all-time favorite resident, and take a picture with him. For memories sake, you know.

Once my decision was made I ran to Tom Nook because I’d read he’s the one who bought your town. He made no offer whatsoever so I ran to Isabelle who also knew nothing of selling my town. If you’re not sure how to sell you do so through Isabelle when you start the game. When talking to her before loading into your town you’ll get the option to “Recreate” or “Delete” your existing town. Choose the recreate option and she’ll hook you up with Tom Nook who will offer to buy your town and your catalog. You can sell your town and keep your catalog but I opted to sell both because I was starting over fresh and, well, I’m an ‘all-or-nothing’ kind of person when it comes to starting over. Who cares if it’s more work? All. In.

Starting fresh in Animal Crossing New Leaf Welcome Amiibo

Freshly pitched tent. This thing is ON!

I made just shy of 30 million bells for both my town and catalog. I may be starting fresh but I can promise you town building will go much quicker this round! I was officially welcomed as mayor and then ran around to meet my five residents. You must have a rating of 100% in order to get your building permit started, something I didn’t realize the first time. I’d read in the release notes (I skimmed them, really) something about daily quests and MEOW coupons. You’re given 10 MEOW (Mutual Exchange of Wealth) coupons to start with and can earn more via the daily quests system. I have earned a few coupons but I’ve yet to pull up my TPC, Town Pass Card, to see the daily quests. I keep forgetting. The dispenser, or ATM for the MEOW coupons, is right by Town Hall. You use the coupons to buy furnishings and apparel from Harvey and his RV guests in the RV park that’s now in your town. I’ve spent a few coupons already and bought a bunny hood from Zipper T. Bunny who’d come to the RV to sell goods in the off-season. How cool is that?

Picture taken with the amiibo camera in Animal Crossing New Leaf

Ranni meets Geralt and Ciri. Aww.

I don’t know if the amiibo camera is new or not but, when starting your game there’s a list of options after pressing the ‘start’ button (A) and the amiibo camera is in that list. You can take pictures of your ACNL self out in the real world. I was sitting at my desk when I saw the camera so I had to get Ranni on Ciri’s shoulder (yes, people, that’s still my desktop background because I ❤ Geralt!!!) for a quick picture. That’s the only one I took as this isn’t something that interests me, but I can see how this could be fun.

Animal Crossing New Leaf Welcome Amiibo genie lamp

I was busy shaking trees when a text bubble from ??? popped up asking me to find them. ??? was kind enough to tell me when I’d walked in the wrong direction as I looked for them and it took me a bit to finally find the lamp sitting on the ground not too far from me. ??? had me take the lamp to my house so we could talk.

Wisp the 'genie' in the lamp in ACNL Welcome amiibo


Once inside I interacted with the lamp and Wisp popped out! Wisp can’t stay out of the lamp in this form for very long so he asks that you use an amiibo card and allow him to take the form of whichever card you use. I have an NFC reader (got mine with AC:Happy Home Designer but you can buy a reader separately) and a few amiibo cards so I grabbed Roald, an adorable jock penguin and swiped his card over my reader.

Wisp taking the form of Roald from an amiibo card

Wisp in Roald form

Isn’t he cute? Wisp will grant you one wish daily and give you a few MEOW coupons. I’ve used the lamp twice now, the second time with Isabelle. She gave me the option of asking for a gift or ‘anything else’. The anything else option was a tea set. Not bad. Roald, however, gave me the option of moving in to my town as a resident!!! Oh, and, of course, getting a gift. The gift was a foosball table. ANYWAY. I got to thinking about the option of moving in as a resident. Isabelle already lives in town (Town Hall, assuming she has a cot in the back or something) so, naturally, she couldn’t offer that option. BUT. What about Tex, my most favorite resident in the history of ever??? I could get him back in my town, perhaps, if I had a Tex card! OMG, this blows my mind! Sadly, I don’t have a Tex card and I’m not paying $10 bucks (USD) to get one. I’d pay that for a couple of 6 packs of cards, yes, but not just for a Tex card, even though I love him so.

Tex is in Series 4 of the amiibo cards so I ordered two sets of them from Amazon. There are 100 cards per set so who knows if I’ll get a Tex. Or when. They’re out of stock at the moment. HNNNGGHHH! I’m hoping he moves in to town on his own. My town will most likely be full by the time I get his card!

I have fossils to find, rocks to smack and trees to shake so I’d best be off. If you want a new friend here’s my friend code: 2509-4065-3801. Be sure to leave a comment giving me your friend code as you have to ‘friend back’ in order for it to work. Now, to go work on my town!


ACNL: The cicadas are killing it for me!

(This is a bit ranty.)

A couple of weeks ago I was sitting outside on my porch when my son asked me why I wasn’t playing Animal Crossing:New Leaf as much anymore. I ranted in reply about what’s killing the game for me, cicadas. I detest them. The sounds they make drive me up a wall and down again. They’re obnoxiously loud, unrelenting and so annoying the very first split second of that awful noise they make gets on my last nerve, and jumps. HARD! I hate them. They’re everywhere in my village because it’s summer time in game and I can’t escape them unless I stay inside.

And that’s no fun.

I ended my rant by saying “… they should all go die in a freaking fire!” and, I kid you not, that was the exact moment a stupid cicada on one of the trees by the porch started up. My son found this funny. I asked for a flame thrower to take care of the problem. I can’t stand them!

I was so excited for summer in game. New bugs and fish to catch, the bushes I’d bought on the island (and from the garden shop) would bloom, the Bug-off, fireworks, all this cool stuff I’d read about was about to happen. I wanted to experience it all! But, the cicadas won’t SHUT UP! There’s six types of cicada in game and I hurriedly caught them all hoping they wouldn’t be as loud and, if I was lucky, could fade into background noise rather than alert every planet out there of their presence. Catching them doesn’t lower the noise level, though. Nope.

They. Just. Keep. Going.

I’ve gone from playing every single day to maybe twice a week. Used to I found all my fossils, ore rock, participated in every event (Redd, Gulliver, festivals, ……), shopped and talked to each of my residents daily. I was on the look out for the last two pieces to the collections I’m working on. I fished, picked fruit and made special trips to the island to earn money for town improvement projects. It was fun and I looked forward to it, never tiring of it. I was bound and determined I’d catch both the tarantula and scorpion before summer was out, rather than face-planting from their poisonous stings and bites. Now I don’t care if I ever finish the insect collection because CICADAS!

I really hope they’re gone soon. I miss Chicago and Tex, my neighbor. Tex the penguin is the only resident I won’t let move out. Though, not playing every day, I may fire up the game one day to find an empty plot next to my house. If that happens I will blame the cicadas for harassment and kidnapping.

I hate those things!

ACNL: Fishing Tourney results

Animal Crossing New Leaf shark

I participated in my very first fishing tournament in Animal Crossing: New Leaf (ACNL from here on out) and wanted badly to win. I’d read online that it was possible for a resident to catch a tuna around, IIRC, 90 inches long. I knew I needed to catch a shark, just incase, but I didn’t hold out much luck with that. My first few attempts today were unsuccessful so I Googled how to catch a shark, assuming there was a catch. There IS! Sorta. You can’t wait to hit the ‘A’ button when you see the bobber go under. You have to hit the ‘A’ button as you hear the sound alerting you to reel the fish in. If you wait until the sound is over and the bobber under the water, the shark will be long gone.

That works! I caught this ocean sunfish coming in at an impressive 126.00″ and a 96.00″ hammer head shark. WOOT!

Animal Crossing New Leaf Fishing Tournament results

That ocean sunfish shark won me the tourney!

Poppy and Tutu came in 2nd and 3rd place, respectively, and both had big catches of 16.xx”. They river fish whereas I went to the island to try for sharks. I’ve never seen a trace of my residents going to the island …. wondering if they can. Dunno. More for me if they can’t I suppose but it’d be cute to see them in wetsuits diving for sea treasures.

My next goal of accomplishment in ACNL is to be able to shake a tree, drop a bee hive and net the stupid bees before they sting me. I can’t out run them and every house I’ve tried to get into before getting stung has been locked. GRRR.

Animal Crossing New Leaf: Fishing Tourney tomorrow!

Napoleon fish from the ACNL wikia

Tomorrow is the second Saturday in February which means it’s time for another Fishing Tournament in Animal Crossing:New Leaf! This will be my first tourney and I’m excited to see what’s in store during the big day. I’m hoping to see all of my town’s citizens out fishing together, all competing to win. I’m also hoping I’m the one who wins and, to make sure I have a chance, I’ve got this bad boy in a tank in my house at the moment. I caught him (image is from the Animal Crossing Wiki page for this fish) while fishing on the island earlier today. One of my citizens, Tutu I believe, told me I should start fishing today for the tourney tomorrow. I wasn’t sure what that meant exactly as I fish every day but I looked it up and found you can ‘pre-fish’ and save the bigger catches to submit on the day of the tourney. Apparently my citizens will be doing this as well.

I’d love the option to ‘inspect’ everyone’s home and size up my competition if this is true.

I’ve also stashed three sea bass in my house because, if I’m understanding this correctly, turning in subsequent bigger fish could net you rewards. I dunno but I’m excited to find out. Think I’ll go fishing again tonight to see what I catch and if it’s worth saving for tomorrow!

Animal Crossing New Leaf: HELP! I’ve upset Willow!

Willow invited me to check her house out the other day and, ever the good Mayor of Chicago, I obliged. I looked around, played her harp, talked to her a few times and then decided to leave. She was shocked that I wanted to leave so soon so I ran around and messed with her furniture again as she’d asked what my favorite thing was. This was how I learned two things: A)The drawers on dressers open and B)Those animals can get super pissed if you open their drawers and will accuse you of rummaging through their private belongings. Who knew?

Making this worse I apparently found an old crib in her little dresser drawer and just the sight of it upset her. She gave it to me, emphatically telling me she never wanted to see it again. The following day I got the first nasty gram in the mail from her where she addressed me as “Harsh Ranni”. Why? Because I told her I thought her house was great when I left. She accused me of, basically, patronizing her. Another mail came, also to “Harsh Ranni” and I believe it was signed something like ‘Upset Willow’ or some other emo-sheep thing. She gave me a great big ugly rug for my floor, vowing to improve her house to meet my high standards. I sent her a mail with a present (maybe wallpaper?) and that got a return mail where she scolded me for not thinking about people’s feelings before mailing them, something she always does. She signed this last one as “I guess this is the last (something or other)”.

That stupid sheep is really upset with me and it’s totally unfair!

Question one: Should I care? Will it impact my town if she decides to take her drama-queen self and move away?
Question two: Is this fixable? Can I repair my relationship with Willow?

Question three: How? (assuming Q2 is a yes)

Question four: When do I get that Club LOL thing? I’ve read you can get emotes to use once you have the club but I haven’t seen the club on my city projects list.

Question five: Can I just brain her with my net when I see her?

None of the other residents of my town have had any issues with me, so far. This is new and I’m not sure how it will impact my town. Any help is GREATLY appreciated!