About this blog

I’m a gamer and I like having a platform to talk about my experiences in the games I play. Flamingbard isn’t here to break or even cover news as there are so many other gaming sites that do just that and do it well. I just like to gab and hope to connect to other gamers while doing so. It’s a win-win for me!

I play a lot of games but the MMO I played the longest was LotRO. I started playing LotRO during a stress test in closed beta (January 22nd, 2007) and have had my eyes opened to the world of J.R.R. Tolkien because of it.  I’ve watched the movies several times since starting to play (had never seen them prior) and should be starting the books soon.  I have Rift and Guild Wars 2 but am a bit turned off on MMOs right now so I’m diving head first into a lot of Indie games and having a BLAST doing so!

I think I’m headed back to console games as I have a TON of 360 and a few Wii U games I haven’t finished, some I haven’t even scratched the surface in! (<—- Skyrim, anyone?)

OH! Donkey Kong! I remember playing DK on a Commodore 64 at my best friend’s house when I was in 6th grade and just falling in love with the big ape. He will always be my go-to favorite game and I’m still working my way through Donkey Kong Country Returns. (DKCR was stolen before I could finish [RE: get very far] so I’m now impatiently waiting for DK:Tropical Freeze to release this fall!!!)

I should note that I blog in what I call a conversational style. That’s code for ‘grammar errors abound and I don’t care’. (code, my excuse, you get the picture) If this bothers you I completely understand. I like to think of blogging as conversations around a table as we all drink our coffee. Feel free to comment, would love to hear from you!

  1. Hey! Love your blog! I like the premise of just sharing your experiences online…I aim to do the same too, but in a slightly more ‘newsy’ format… Saying that, I only write about my own experiences within the gaming world! Work aside, I took a look at your ‘list of games to play’. You are a huge RPG fan like myself! Yay! Although I think you will struggle to complete your list due to time constraints lol. Skyrim is awesome by the way, although my quest for a Platinum trophy met an abrupt end after everyone in the game started attacking me for no reason, even the Quest-giving NPC’s!! Shocker! Currently playing Dragon Age: Inquisition at the moment, its pretty good but has its flaws! Check out my review should you be interested! Next up for me is Dying Light at end of Jan…Cant beat a bit of gore! Haha I look forward to hearing more from you and your interesting experiences!

    • I need to update those pages! Some of those games were stolen and we’ve bought a few new ones.

      RPGs are amazing! My son did something and caused all the towns people in one area to attack him … forget what it was now, just that it was accidental. I can’t wait to get back into DA:I! Hoping to get a lot of DA:2 time in this weekend. Not sure I’ve heard of Dying Light … will look that up.

      Thanks for reaching out. Will check out you, too. 🙂

      • Oh I see! Haha, yes defo needs an update then in that case! DA:I I’m struggling with to be honest! The war table very much like a free to play title and the missions a mere afterthought! Lots of fetch quests and spending too much time trying to figure out which area is best for me to explore without dying! Haha. Dying light is a new Zombie survival FPS! Completely coop! A little like Dead Island, but more serious. It looks insane! Thanks for responding! Exploring gaming with other people is so much more interesting!

I love reading your comments. Thanks!

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