Gaming: What I’ve been up to lately

I started looking through screenshots to help me remember what I’ve played over the last few months and found I not only haven’t been blogging, I haven’t been taking many screenshots either. Frustrating as I don’t remember the games I wanted to talk about, specifically, for this post. So screw the last few months and let’s skip ahead to more recently played.

New (unlocked) heroes in Clicker Heroes

I’m not seriously into Clicker Heroes at the moment but I have been playing a bit. I took a look at the gilded hero screen to see how many new heroes were added last update and saw there are five new ones. WAY COOL! Then I saw how much the first of the newly added heroes costs to hire for a single level and wanted to cry. Tsuchi costs 7.076e499 to hire. That’s just his level 1. Holy cow, there’s no way! Now, if I were to go ahead and transcend (can do so for 12 AS currently) and get back to seriously playing, sure. I could hit that. Eventually.

Title screen from Port of Call

When pulling the screenshots I was going to include with this post I noticed that all of the Steam game screenshots are from F2P games. Port of Call is a short adventure (more story than adventure really) game that has an odd little story that, by the end, poses a surprisingly deep and serious question of choices. Well, it could pose that question if you give it thought. Which, I did. Vague enough for you? I hate being vague but I don’t want to ruin it for you should you decide to play. I enjoyed it, though it’s a little rough around a couple of edges. I’d recommend giving it a go. Not a combat game, more of a story game with achievements.

Screenshot of a girl talking about sheep from the game Moirai.

Someone on Twitter tossed the name of this game out, suggesting people play it. I completely get why now! Moirai is an experimental game that, in order to fully experience it, you need others to play. It’s a single-player game with a twist and, as hokey as the graphics are, you really should give this one a go. The ending is the most fun part of the game and I’ve played it two or three times now just to cause/see different results. It takes minutes to play but, I think, it’s well worth it. I’d love to see more games that depend on others playing without having to play with others. If that makes no sense, it will if you play the game.

Sitting at the bar in the Golden Perch in LotRO

I started a new Minstrel in LotRO, another Hobbit lass, and have had a blast playing her. She’s in her 30s best I recall and working the Evendim area. I don’t know when the Minstrel class became my favorite to play but I have several across the servers now. I don’t heal anyone, mind you, as I prefer to solo-play, but if the circumstances were right, I might would try healing again. It’s been YEARS so I’m a little scared to try. DPSing, however, is FAST and fun! I have no idea who the Dwarf is in the screenshot but I saw him sitting there, AFK, when I went to turn in a quest. I sat down just for the screenshot when the little Hobbit in the background asked someone if their friend had shown up yet. Made the shot even better, in my opinion.

There have been a few attempts at saved games as well. I fired up A Kingdom for Keflings on my 360 and after tooling around for a good 10 minutes, unable to remember what I’d last worked on, I logged out. No idea what I was doing in that game. Same with Unholy Heights. Matter of fact, I logged into that one thinking it’d be the first time ever playing it only to see I had a game in progress. Again, no idea what I was doing or needed to do so I logged back out. I tried The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth but, after 8 minutes of playing, I stopped. That’s one heck of a game and I’ve had incredible fun playing it, but, sometimes, it’s too frustrating. I have a game going in both Murdered: Soul Suspect and Oceanhorn: Monster of the Uncharted Seas but I haven’t gotten back to them for fear I’ve forgotten where I was in them as well.


Lords of the Fallen was free last month on PSN so I picked it up. Beautiful game but I need to go back and beat that first boss. Again. I *did* beat him (after 5 or 6 deaths) but he killed me as I killed him so it didn’t count. I’d have played this a lot more if 4YO didn’t bomb me with a million questions when I play. She’s SO curious and wants to play the game with me. Nay, FOR ME. She says she’s asking the questions so she can learn how to play. I think it’s to keep me from playing so she CAN play. (Not that I’d let her, prefer her to stick to games like Mario Maker.)

OH! There’s one more. Animal Crossing! I started it back up after having not played for 10 months. I was afraid my favorite neighbor, Tex, had moved away but he’s still there! WOOT! I ran around and spoke to all the residents, picked weeds and decided to get back to playing daily. That was last week, mind you, and I haven’t played since, but I do plan to! Love that game!

So, what have you guys been playing lately?


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  1. You got to play Morai! I too wish there were more games like that. I actually appreciated the shortness of it too in an odd way. It left me smiling. My reply email from the game (spoilers) came 17 hours later. How long did yours come in?

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