Zee merge is complete!

I’ve been going back and forth about merging my blogs into one for a couple of years (at LEAST). I imported my personal blog into Flamingbard last night and, best I can tell, it looks like everything imported correctly. A plus, if you will, to the import was that I finally found what broke my template on my personal blog. I’d embedded a video I’d seen on Facebook into a post and the size of it (of which I don’t appear to have any control over) borked my sidebar all the way down the page. Who knew?

Going forward you can expect to see posts about my gaming adventures as well as posts about, well, my life. I blog off and on about Boo (I call her 4YO on Twitter), food, things that bug me, … I know some read both but for those that don’t, hopefully this won’t bother you too much. I do not have a schedule for posting in mind as my time is often taken up with the kids, household crap (I detest chores), being exhausted or binge watching something on Hulu/Netflix. I rock the roll of couch potato quite well, let me tell you! I’m hoping that after the move, whenever that is, I can find a new ‘normal’ that includes more time for gaming and blogging. I do have plans to do a gaming ’round up’ post soon on what I’ve been up to lately.

Fingers crossed!

I’ll leave you with a picture of me drawn by 4YO herself. She’s quite proud of her work and tells me that it looks JUST like me!

Portrait of me drawn by my 4 year old grand daughter

Nailed it.


Btw, anyone know why I’m seeing ads here? I know it’s WordPress Word Ads but I didn’t use to see them myself. I use ad blockers to keep them at bay and my blocker says it’s blocking three ads, yet I’m seeing the ads. Weird!


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