Some games, it just doesn’t work out

My recently played games list from Steam

I’ve been playing through games in my Steam library lately. A week or two back I was hit with the urge to play Civ V again but found I never redownloaded the game after getting my new hard drive this past Christmas. I had, however, downloaded and installed Civ: Beyond Earth so I gave it another shot. I wasn’t sure I’d like it given the first time I played I felt a little iffy on it. It’s like Civilization games but it’s also different enough to stand out a bit and the miasma drove me nuts. This go round I enjoyed it more and although there’s still a lot I’m learning, I’m having some fun with the game. I prefer the cookie-cutter preset parameters of Civ V but I’m starting to understand more about the choices you are presented with and how they affect your game. That said, I really hope the next Civ game is more like Civ V than this one.

Clicker Heroes has had a few updates and I’m scratching my head trying to understand how ancients work, for instance, but finding I may not care, as much as I once did, to understand them much right now. I’ve been more into puzzle/point and click games anyway, which accounts for most of the games I’ve played this past week. The Room has beautiful graphics, intriguing puzzles and a hint system to help you out if you get stuck. I did have to pull up a guide for a few puzzles but I enjoyed the game! Charnel House Trilogy, another point and click story driven puzzle game, was … weird. It’s not bad! It was just a bit weird and the second book, Sepulchre, had a huge ‘out of left field’ moment for me that made me wonder if I’d missed something big or if the story writers went a little too far in trying not to give away the ending too soon. Dunno. That said, I enjoyed playing it as well. I started Murdered: Soul Suspect last night thinking I wouldn’t be able to get into it and played two hours before going to bed. I’m really liking this one.

There were a couple of games I tried, however, that I just couldn’t get into.

That Dragon, Cancer is a game I bought because I wanted to feel. I wanted to get lost in the story and maybe even cry a little. Cancer is a scary thing that has certainly been a part of my life in one way or another and, perhaps for this reason, I was drawn to this title. I really wish I hadn’t bought it now. It wasn’t just that I couldn’t connect with the story, I felt a disconnect if that makes sense. I’m not sure why either, it just didn’t work for me. I played for about a half hour, waiting to feel that connection, that draw, with the story but I had to fight distraction the entire time. This may sound stupid but the biggest turn off for me was that Joel doesn’t have a face. I’m assuming this was done so you could put your own face to Joel in order to help you connect on a more personal level? I dunno, but I wanted the game to put a face to Joel for me and, in as much as I played, it didn’t. That bugged the crap out of me and I couldn’t stop wondering about his non-existent face. He wasn’t “real” to me without a face and, I guess, that’s why I couldn’t sympathize with Joel or his family.

I also gave Aura: Fate of the Ages a short try. I played maybe 15 minutes which, I’d usually say, isn’t enough time to really get into a game. BUT. I just couldn’t get into this title at all. I have NO idea why because I tend to like stories such as the one in this game, the setting and puzzles. Originally I stopped playing to watch videos on YouTube of folks who’d played the game, their playthroughs, in hopes I’d see something to make me want to play. I still don’t know why but I took an immediate dislike to the game. I may try this again at a later date but, at the same time, I think it’s okay to not like every game you buy. Right? It could be as simple as the graphics are seriously outdated but that didn’t stop me from falling head-over-heels in love with Dragon Age: Origins.


I’m looking forward to playing more of my Steam library before the Summer sale hits. I have no games on a ‘sale’ watch list yet but if I do see something I like I’ll feel a bit more justified if I’m actually playing games I bought on previous sales … or something like that. Confessions of a Steam gamer and all that.




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