I’m a little high maintenance sometimes

This year has been rough on the financial front so I’ve been cutting corners wherever I can and looking for more ways to bring our bills down. We eat a LOT of chicken now because it’s cheaper than other meats around here but it’s versatile, can be cooked in so many dishes! Right now I’m really into *foil packs cooked on the grill, too. They’re easy to do and save on the electric/gas bill. Also, the grill doesn’t heat the house up like my oven does! This is important because we’re not running the air conditioner if we don’t have to during the day. Doc becomes miserable when the inside temp hits around 85°F so I turn the AC on to cool downstairs off for him when it’s about to get that hot inside. What’s hitting me the hardest (and, boy, is it HARD) is not turning my computer on in the mornings. Actually, for the last five weeks I’m made sure not to turn it on at all for a 24 hour period each week (did I mention that’s HARD?!?!?) and to only have it on three-five hours a few more days during the week. I do give myself carte-blanche to have it on all day and game when I can at least twice a week.

Another thing I’m doing is hanging laundry to dry outside. I started this a week ago and have done 19 loads of laundry. I don’t hang undies outside so of the 19 loads, three have been dried in my dryer. I only have one line to hang on and it was at our chain-link fence. I’ve noticed a few pick marks from the top of the fence line on our sheets and tee shirts so I asked Mike if he could move the clothesline for me. Turns out, whoever put the poles for the clothes line up cemented them into the ground. Well cemented! I shrugged it off and started wondering if we could put something on top of the fence line that would protect the clothes … I know, I think in crazy from time to time.

Mike’s the kind of guy who plans lots of ideas and buys materials a little along, hoping to eventually find time to see these ideas to fruition. He and Goose are enlarging the back deck right now with wood he’s had in the building for a few years for instance. When Goose broke our sink a few months back he went out to the building and got the sink he’d bought for a kitchen remodel he’d been planning and replaced the broken sink on the spot. He can pull all sorts of tricks from his sleeve because of his way of buying things a little along!

Apparently he’s also been planning to enlarge the fence around our back yard where Boo (3YO) and the dogs play. Yesterday he and Bear moved the fence from next to the clothesline and enlarged it to encompass the yard behind our big building/garage. I’d show you a picture but he’s embarrassed that the new fence is three different levels in height. He used what he had on hand to enlarge the fenced in area and, what he had, was different types of fencing. I think some of the fencing he used he’d originally planned to go around our garden and that’s why it’s not chain-link. Either way, it fixed a big problem for me and I’m happy with it. When we have the money we can buy more chain-link and make the new fence match and look better.

I’m hoping he has more clothes line in the building and can get a second line up on the poles. Would make laundry go a bit faster if I could hang two loads out at the same time!

Anyway, I had no idea my request would cause so much work but that’s generally how it goes. I’m a little high maintenance in my desires it seems! I’m hoping to see a sizable difference in our electric/gas bill soon. We’re on a bill pay system where they average our yearly usage and charge us an ‘expected usage’ amount each month. They refigure the ‘expected usage’ amount a few times a year and adjust it when necessary. When Bear and Britt moved in four years ago that amount skyrocketed up. I wish I’d started working to get that bill down sooner!


*If you’re unsure what a foil pack is its meat and veg, seasoned and or marinated and wrapped in foil in individual portion sizes to cook in the oven or grill. I suggest using a heavy-duty aluminum foil but if you don’t have it, regular foil works, too.


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