Stardew Valley is my new obsession!

Scene from the fair in Stardew Valley

I started seeing tweets from Twitter buds Friday about a new game called Stardew Valley. I almost NEVAH get a game when it first releases but, because I really wanted to be one of the cool kids for a change and see what this game was about, I bought and installed it, mostly on a whim. It was exciting, the idea that I was playing this new release along with several other friends and, I imagined, gobs of people, so I eagerly fired the game up to check it out.

I didn’t like it at first. I wasn’t sure what exactly I was supposed to be doing with my time. I was taking over my Grandpa’s very over-grown farm, had very little to plant and the idea of hacking up sticks of wood on the ground or pecking away exposed rocks so I could uncover more farm land, it didn’t appeal to me. Especially since I’d already planted what few seeds I’d found. I decided my time would be better spent exploring. I hoped I’d find something else to do and maybe the game would start to make sense.

I walked everywhere I could, walked long after dark, into the night, because I was lost. SO. FREAKING. LOST! According to the in-game map I was at my farm but I couldn’t get back to the farmhouse to save my life. It finally occurred to me that I left my farm equipped with my trusty pickaxe as well as my axe and if I started clearing a path in the direction I believed the house to be in, perhaps I’d get home. That plan would have worked well had I not passed out from sheer exhaustion. And probably anxiety.

Nah, the anxiety didn’t hit my little farmer until she awoke 50 gold lighter. That’s right, I lost 50 gold because I passed out and someone rushed me to the doctor. You’d have thought that the country doctor would have taken pity on my farmer given she was a new comer, a city slicker lost in the over growth of her dear Grandpa’s seriously neglected farm, and NOT charged me. I soon found out a 50 gold doctor bill wasn’t so bad.

I was in the mines hunting copper ore and killing mobs when I hit the MOTHER LOAD of copper ore! I had around 45-50 pieces of copper ore in my pack when I passed out. In the mine. Because I was so excited over my copper find I forget to keep an eye on my energy level. When Linus woke me up someone had absconded with all my copper, (and I mean ALL of it) my sword and six other items I had in my inventory pack. That kind of ticked me off a little bit, if I’m honest. I really needed that copper! And what kind of adventurer looses her sword???


Guys, I love this game so much! I started a new play through Sunday. My first one, the one I lost Friday and Saturday to (I could NOT stop playing! I just one more day‘d myself right into Sunday!), was fun but I felt like I’d missed something vital and wanted to start over. I was about to hit Winter, Year 1 in the first one. This second play through, I’m waiting on my most awesome melons to grow the last bit so I can harvest them. (Summer, Year 1) I named my farmer Condi for my first game. Condi didn’t have too much trouble working up her social skills and had a couple of friends. Ranni, my second farmer, isn’t have much luck at all. Ranni’s even been yelled at by Pam for tracking mud in the house. (?) Condi kept running out of money. Ranni understands the value of hard work and is raking it in on the garden front! That said, Ranni’s usually in bed for the night by 2pm. Hard worker, that Ranni!

I have two chickens so far but no silo. I’m not sure what triggers the silo recipe but I haven’t gotten it in either game. I’ve completed a couple of boxes for the community center on Ranni but when I saw that one requires me to fish I stopped working on it. I hate fishing in this game. I do not understand what to do and would say it’s impossible to catch anything other than broken glasses, algae, soggy newspapers and trash but my son sat down and caught two fish for me. The fishing system absolutely escapes me! ARG! There’s so much else to do, however, that it doesn’t bother me for now.

I’m not sure exactly how I went from not really liking the game to not being able to put it down but Stardew Valley has it’s hooks in me. Deeply! I can’t wait to see Winter in game! I also can’t wait until I get the hang of some of the mini-games. I’m working towards saving for a kitchen add-on to the farmhouse so I can, hopefully, start cooking with all the recipes I’m learning from the TV in the mornings. Would make my trips to the mines a bit cheaper if I can make my own food rather than buy from the Saloon every time.


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  1. This game rocks. Glad you are playing along with us!

  2. You should be able to get the silo from the carpenter. It’s fairly cheap but you need clay which isn’t exactly abundant.

    Fishing can be tricky. I use mouse n keyboard and when you hook one hold the left mouse button down to make the green bar go up and release to let it drop. Keep the fish in the green bar as much as you can. It gets easier with better rods and as your skill goes up.

    Easy way to raise fishing skill: use crab pots! Emptying those counts as fishing and all you have to do is bait n wait

  3. Its so much fun! I can’t wait for multiplayer.

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