Too self-absorbed

I most certainly could not say “everyone” is too self-absorbed, seemingly lacking in the ability to give one iota about anyone other than themselves, but I can say I see it more and more. I think the reasons behind the behaviors of those who don’t appear to consider others is varied, far too many to even begin to list, but that doesn’t make it any better for the people in need who are ignored. Not even a little. It still leaves them alone with no help.

That’s where Mike was yesterday morning. Alone on Highway 59 headed home from a delivery in Omaha. It’s not that there weren’t others around him, it’s that no one stopped to check on him when they saw this happen.

Mike's semi truck on its side after the wind blew it over and off the road.

That’s a whole lot of truck right there. No way did someone blink and miss seeing the wind blow that big rig over and off the road. The trailer itself, I think, is 53 feet long. The cab (tractor part) is a double bunker, it’s BIG. The cars behind him kept going. The cars coming at him (on the other side of the road) passed without stopping.

Close up of Mike's semi on its side, windshield completely gone.

He was stuck in his seat belt, hanging there, for a good ten minutes before he was able to cut himself loose. When his truck flipped and hit the ground he closed his eyes, bracing for the impact. He said he felt bits of glass and dirt spray his face. He slid in that truck, on its side, for 70 feet. No one stopped to see if he was okay. No one even bothered to call emergency.

How self-absorbed do you have to be to not only keep going, but not call for emergency help to come and check on that driver?

Underside of Mike's trailer that was facing the road when it flipped on its side.

This is what the people coming up behind him saw. How can you not, in the very least, call 911? He could have been a driver who had a heart attack. He could have been someone who, after being blown over, had a panic attack that led into an asthma attack. When his boss brought him home from the hospital he smelled like diesel fuel. The ‘what-ifs’ are mind boggling. Stupefying. How can people not care about another person that much?

Mike called 911 himself. He wasn’t hurt too badly. His shoulder looks pretty banged up and he hurts, but he walked away from that accident and I am so thankful! I’m so extremely glad it wasn’t worse. It’s not just that I’m upset no one stopped to help my husband. I am, don’t get me wrong. What gets me MORE, though, is that no one stopped to help a person obviously in need. My husband, your husband, Uncle Joey, doesn’t matter. Another human being in need should have mattered to someone.

I should point out that when Mike and his boss were headed home from the hospital, they stopped back by the truck. Two people did stop then and ask if everything was okay. I think those two people are awesome!

It’s possible that someone did call for help as they drove past Mike. When the sheriff responded Mike got the impression that he was the only one to call for help. There could have been other calls and the sheriff only referenced Mike’s call.

Picture showing the area around Mike's accident, just open fields.

This is where Mike’s accident happened. Nothing around but open fields. I suppose the definition of desolate could be up for interpretation but there’s a lot of Iowa that comes pretty close. Though, I’m not sure “bleak” is fitting for Iowa in the summer (Iowa’s beautiful when the fields are lush and green!). Still, my point is that if any of those drivers who didn’t stop to help thought someone in the neighborhood (of the accident) would come help, ….. not happening.

Those people who, for whatever reason, couldn’t find it in themselves to stop and check on Mike, I’m angry. So so angry. But don’t think for a second that I don’t hope like crazy that, should they ever find themselves in an accident, someone stops to check on them. I can promise you that I would stop to help. I couldn’t not.



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