Adapting, that’s what we’ll call it.

I knew this ‘no sugar’ thing was more than likely going to be a bust but I was hopeful we could pull it off. I figured if we could make it through February then it’d be easier to keep it up and continue into March and so forth.

Big fat hairy HA.

I did so good in January, trying to cut sweets and grains. It wasn’t perfect but darn near! I noticed I didn’t have nearly as many headaches either and thought, well, if I keep this up and the headaches don’t return, maybe sugar or grain could be a trigger. It’d be neat to know that, huh? Only, once the “no sugar” became official, it’s the only thing I’ve wanted. Sugar on top of sugar with a side of sugar.

The failure has been so hard and so complete I’m scrapping it. Cutting back is the new black for us. I hope. It feels more like rationalizing than not but this is my way of adapting so that awful ‘you suck, Failbo’ feeling will go away. It’s defeating and it makes sense, to me, that in order to start moving forward again, I need to take a few steps back first.

The kids have no desire to cut sugar out. I’ve heard ‘ … since we’re cutting out sugar I’ve cut back on candy…’ and I think that says a lot. That sentiment is held house-wide. Moving on I’ll focus on meals, make them as healthy as I can and hope they don’t have massive binge-fests upstairs between meals. If I can do that, let go of trying to control every thing they eat, then I can put more focus on myself. Worked great for me in January so I believe I can assume it will again.

I’ve been super down this week, consumed with all of the above and then some, but this video here has flat put me in an amazingly great mood. Cracks me up every time I watch it so I wanted to share it with you guys.



Is that not the best thing in the history of ever?


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