Stormfall: Age of War is the RTS game I’ve been craving!

Map screenshot from Stormfall: Age of War

I have not seriously played an RTS (browser/flash) war game in a couple of years. I’ve wanted to, so badly have I wanted to, but I hadn’t found one that felt right. I think it was Stargrace posted about a game she’d found that sounded interesting. I didn’t hold out much hope as I’m very particular about RTS games (there’s a ton out there, most of them are blatant cash grabs with very little substance) and, as I said, I’ve looked and just not found one I liked. I checked it out anyway, two days ago I think, and OMGAMIHOOKED!

Stormfall: Age of War has much of what I want from an RTS. It’s a F2P with a fair cash shop, meaning, there are items for sale to help you advance but you don’t have to buy them. You can earn your way up, albeit at a slower pace than if you had endless pockets, but it’s a viable way to play the game. The graphics aren’t super hokey. Matter of fact, some of the buildings are very nice looking! The chat system isn’t too complicated. You’re allowed to play on more than one server. Leagues, otherwise known as kins or tribes or guilds, to name a few, in other games, are ranked, begging you to work with your league members to better each other. The saying ‘You’re as strong as your weakest member’ only goes so far in games like this but if you find the right league, a group of helpful and friendly people, you’ll be stronger for it. I lucked out on my second server and found a lively, friendly and very helpful league to join. My first server … the league is dead quiet. I have no qualms with them, they just don’t … talk.

Back to what I like about this game, there are objectives to both give you something to do while waiting on your building queues to finish and reward you for doing so. Stormfall: AoW takes this to levels I haven’t experienced myself yet. There are ‘no risk’ quests you can do where you only have to click a button and wait a timer out. One quest may ask you to shave a dwarf’s eyebrows, for instance. You accept the quest and go do something else while you wait the timer out. You won’t lose a single fighter or any resources “doing” the quest! Once the timer is up you’re rewarded with a few resources. These ‘no risk’ quests pop, as far as I can tell, twice a day.

There are also events that offer bigger rewards. If you’re in a league (something I can’t suggest highly enough!) there are events your league can work together to achieve, such as building your armies. You may get an event that only rewards you if you raid someone’s castle and pilfer a certain number of resources. I’ve seen a few different event offerings so far and I do my best to achieve them because the rewards are pretty sweet! You also, once a day, have quests through a building in your castle called the Eagle’s Nest. The Eagle’s Nest locates all the orc camps, refugee camps and what-have-you and tells you what type of battle, the level and where the camp is. You click a button within the Nest interface and from there can pick your troops and send them off to deal with the scourge around your castle. Here, also, the rewards are sweet and usually include a few resources, points toward the different ranking systems, troops, paragon status, shard chests, …

There’s so much to this game! The scroll system is a ‘talent’ or research system that allows you to learn new technologies. It has a tree and some of the techs have levels you’ll need to work up. Once you’ve got the basic ones started you have to collect scrolls to open new techs. You’re granted one random scroll a day but you can, if I’m understanding this correctly, trade via the market, friends or league mates for up to two more scrolls a day. I understand the basics but I’m still a little confused by the system at the same time. A league-mate gave me a quick run down but I didn’t think to specify questions  at the time. I will later!

Most all of my neighbors are now enemies as, unless it’s an ally, I’ve been raiding them for resources. Heh. I think only one of them is playing seriously so I may test the waters of the almight olive branch with that one. I under estimated them today and, although I wiped their troops, it wiped half of mine to do so. I should have known better! Anyway, we’ll see if this neighbor wants to play nice. Won’t blame them if they doesn’t, but … I’m hoping.

This was just going to be a quick post but my word count is over 800 already. Hmm. I’m having a blast in the game with an ear to ear smile plastered on my face as I play. I’ve pretty much lost the last couple of days to this game and I couldn’t care less. (I’m still getting real life stuff done but only because we have to eat and need clean clothes.) I think my second server league is more of a defense-minded group where as I usually play a hard offensive type of game, but I really like them so I want to stick this out, see where it goes. Want to play with me? I think this (friend) link will work. See you in game!

Oh, and I believe you can play this on your phone or tablet. I’m playing on my desktop but I want to get it on my tablet as well.


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