LotRO: The Treacherous Hole!

The Treacherous Hole yard decoration Bingo Boffin item

Little bit of snow outside my Hobbit hole

I did last week’s Bingo Boffin episode with Minni and found I didn’t have enough Bingo Badges to get everything I wanted off of Bert Bartleby this time. I decided to run Condi through and collect more badges so I could barter for all the decoration items I wanted. The Treacherous Hole was NOT one I wanted but, after buying the other large map and getting the Moria Hatrack I still had more than a few Bingo Badges left so I decided to grab it as well. I placed it in the yard of my kin house and thought, ‘Oof, snow. Doesn’t really look like it belongs.’ and then exited out of decoration mode.

And, without realizing I was about to, right clicked on the Treacherous Hole.

Standing in the Morfil cave in Angmar, LotRO


See, I was talking over my shoulder to my husband while I put my new Bingo shinies into place. When I clicked on the Treacherous Hole I wasn’t looking at my screen. So when I casually glanced towards my monitor and saw Condi standing in Morfil, an orc cave in Angmar, I was stunned. Actually, it took a moment for it to sink in. I snapped my head back in a double take and had to really stare at my screen to understand I was no longer in The Shire. I grabbed this screenshot, at first, so I could submit a bug report … I thought something had gone very wrong to port me away from my home so … quickly! Once I’d thought it through, that I’d been standing by my new yard decoration after turning deco-mode off, it started dawning on me.

That darn hole!

Sprigley's cellar, Archet, LotRO

I decided to go back home and see if I could reproduce this strange teleport to make sure it was the Treacherous Hole and not another crazy bug. My second treacherous teleport landed me in Sprigley’s Cellar in Archet and the third, in the Mirkstone Tunnels in the Thorin’s Gate area. How cool is that?? It teleports you to random caves in the game!! I can’t tell you how much I love this hole! I did a search on the forums and found there’s a list of ten discovered places. I don’t know if there’s more than ten or not but I can tell you I will treacherously teleport to each and every one of them. Know what I really want, though?

I want to teleport to an underground river and ride that sucker down while in a barrel. I don’t want for much, do I?

I don’t know how they’ll top this deco item. Then again, I thought the same with each of the teleporting kegs! Bingo will be in Mirkwood this week and I have both Minni and Condi ready for him. Not sure I’ll take them both through but at least Condi is ready to earn more badges should the need arise. Though, I think she still has 50-70 some on her at the moment.



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  1. If you like the treacherous hole then look for the Inn League Keg (from kindred with the Inn League during festivals) and the Moria Keg.

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