A week of attempts and failures

'homemade' peanut butter on a slice of nut and seed loaf

I’m eating this as I type, something I’ve been longing for all week. Monday we picked up a jar of unsalted dry roasted peanuts to make sugar-free peanut butter with since we’re pulling sugar from our diet. I have a beast of a food processor, a Hamilton Beach we picked up, maybe, six years ago? Eight? Dunno, but so far it’s handled almost everything I’ve thrown at it with ease, unlike the cranky-older-than-dust-so-I-don’t-want-to-do-much model we were replacing. (I never use it for shredding because it’s not the best at shredding!) I was told I’d need to run it for seven minutes or more, giving my food processor a break after each minute, to get the peanuts to release their oil and turn into a smooth textured peanut butter. I did it in five, if I’m not mistaken, and the motor never showed any signs of getting too warm.

If you’re interested in making your own sugar/salt free peanut butter, I didn’t add anything to the peanuts: no oil, no water, no nothing! Just processed the peanuts until they were smooth. Very simple!

I had everyone try it and most seemed surprised that it wasn’t bad. Britt, however, the most hardcore lover of all things sweet, didn’t like it. She didn’t say she didn’t like it but, … she didn’t say anything at all. Her eyes grew wide and she stayed silent. On the slice of nut and seed loaf, I liked it but not at first. That first bite took a bit of adjustment but by the third bite my taste buds were happy. Considering these, both the peanut butter and its use on the nut and seed loaf, a win.

Because, really, I need to find something to be a win this week.

Tuesday was rough around every edge. I had no energy to cook and a most serious craving for pizza. Those two slices threw my own personal ‘no gluten/no grains/no sugar’ thing right down the toilet. As did the left over piece I ate the next day. Mike made the most amazing peanut butter oatmeal cookies I’ve ever eaten this week. While they were gluten-free, they weren’t sugar-free by any means. I wondered last night just how many cookies I’ve eaten this week and I think the number is too high to count.

Total. Fail.

I thought having the cataract surgery would instantly erase all the pent up frustration I’ve had over not seeing, should the surgery work. Surgery worked great but the frustration is starting to bubble over rather than “poof” into nothingness. I’m saying “frustration” when I think it’s closer to anger, really. Seeing the state my house is in may have been the tipping point. I’m so stinking tired of having to pick up after my adult kids. I’m also just as tired, no, more tired, of them not doing much to help out around the house.

I’ve just deleted three big honking paragraphs of ranting on this subject. You’re welcome.

Anyway, I don’t know how to get the point of needing everyone to pitch in around the house across without having a tantrum of my own. So for now, I’m not saying too much about it for fear I’ll launch into a screaming tirade and not be able to stop. Mike still hasn’t been released to go back to work full-time and has only been getting one or two runs a week. Money worries exacerbate everything else, I think. I’m the one having the problems staying focused on our ‘no-sugar’ and ‘keto’ things this week. The kids pretty much eat what they’re given in terms of meals. Though, I hear some mad snacking is going on upstairs …

Oh, and did I mention the fail-beets from Monday night? Beets are supposed to be nutrition power houses, especially for your liver (which can be a great thing when trying to regulate blood sugar levels) but they taste like dirt. Super-earthy! Britt loves them but the rest of us? I detest them. I roasted beets Monday night and almost couldn’t get the last bite of mine to stay down. Great for you or not, I’m not buying beets again. Was utter-fail to the point I felt severely punished as I ate them.

I haven’t started next week’s menu plan yet because I’m dreading it. It needs to be very inexpensive and I should probably use more of what I have on hand, even though most of it isn’t keto-friendly (Basing ours on 20-50 grams of carbs daily, some wanting 20 or less and others 50.) I have quinoa, brown rice, gluten-free pasta, sweet potatoes, … foods I really should go ahead and use since we bought them but foods that don’t mesh well with low-carb. It’d save on the grocery bill if I do and, I think, that may be more important this coming week.

Other than the peanut butter, none of this is what I expected as we started the next phase in our better eating plans. I’ve come close to telling everyone that I don’t care if they eat sugar or not, to eat whatever they want. That’d be a lie, however, so I’ve kept those angry bursts in my head only (until now, haha).

I need to get myself in order or this whole month is going to earn the name “Failurary”.




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