LotRO: Mirkwood’s made me feel like a BOSS!

Bingo Boffin in Caras Galadhon

I logged into LotRO thinking I’d do the next Bingo Boffin episode and then log off. Bingo and I continued our grand adventure (he’d be little more than a memory were it nor for I!) and managed to pull off a meeting with the Lord and Lady of the Goldenwood themselves! When I first started the Bingo quests I really didn’t think he’d make it too far out of The Shire, if at all. Color me surprised! Next week’s episode gives a suggested level of 63 and advises to have the Mirkwood Intro completed through the Hillside Assault finale (of the Mirkwood Intro). Minni decided she’d go ahead and knock that out before heading to bed, and that’s exactly what we did!

We being Minni and I.

I’ve done the Mirkwood Intro on many characters but never have I felt more like a BOSS than this time! It could be that I actually enjoy Mirkwood, or perhaps it’s that I’ve done it enough times to be able to soar through a lot of it without thinking, running on auto-advance (to the next objective). I think it’s that Minni and I click in a way I haven’t experienced with most of my other characters. The times I’ve not felt that she was a beast are few, the most notable to me having been a surprise encounter with Garn in The Fanged Pit.

My Minstrel fighting Garn in Moria, LotRO

Cropped a ton of distracting screen junk out of the picture …

I didn’t see Garn there until it was too late. I’d completely forgotten he existed but because Minni typically runs in beast-mode I didn’t even consider running. I almost had him, too, getting him down to, if I remember correctly, 2-3K health before he killed me. It felt so sudden that the memory still stings a bit! Personally I think he cheated somehow but that doesn’t really dull the sharpness of my death.

Anyway, running the Mirkwood Intro on Minni restored her faith in her beast-mode abilities nicely! She blew through the Head Count deed in record time (for me), completing it, I think, 15 minutes into the Intro, well before I finished the encounter. Now, she’s level 61 and a red-line Minstrel, but, still. Bragging is her thing so …

LotRO, Mirkwood Intro finale quest turn in


I’m a little tired of leveling Minni at this point and wanting to either get Condi running through the Bingo Boffin quests (for more tokens, Bart has a LOT of nice things on him this week and I want them all NOW!) or break out my Hunter and continue doing whatever she was doing last I played her. LoneLands maybe? I think Minni’s level, 61, will be fine for whatever trouble Bingo can find for us next week. Playing an alt for a bit might just hit the spot! It’ll at least scratch that alt-itis itch I’ve been trying to ignore.


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