Feels like I’ve got my life back!

I can see the stars in the sky again!

I don’t remember how long it’s been since I’ve been able to see them, whether it’s been weeks or months. Time ran together for me on some things, in part, because I didn’t realize I wasn’t seeing them when I couldn’t see them. If that makes sense. It wasn’t until the first week in December, best I recall, that I started grasping the idea even that my vision was worse than I realized. Hard to understand what you’re missing when you can’t see it to miss it.

My cataract surgery on my right eye was Thursday morning. I was terrified! The last few moments before being wheeled into the operating room I spent on a gurney in a hall way with a towel over my eyes, crying. This hospital has volunteers who stay with you during this time, something I had no clue about. When my volunteer leaned over my head, so close her chin brushed my forehead (above the towel that was covering my eyes) it startled me. When she spoke to me and grabbed my shoulders, an attempt to comfort me, I nearly had a heart attack. The (super nice) woman was very hard of hearing and, well, she speaks LOUDLY. It’s a wonder I didn’t crap myself to be honest.

The surgery went fast and I could see clearly a few moments after it was over. Seeing all the grey in Mike’s beard made me cry (and touch it, repeatedly, until the nurses started cracking up). I was overwhelmed with how much I could see and how clearly I could see. It was just as overwhelming “seeing” how much I hadn’t seen. Like, for instance, the state of my house.

HO. LEE. COW! Filthy. Just, filthy, grimy, dirty, messy, cluttered, …. Ugh.

I’m slowly hitting the hot-spots, so to speak, to start cleaning my house. It’s going a lot slower than I’d anticipated as something’s triggered that awful joint and muscle pain again. I felt it set in over the weekend and thought at first it was because I was doing too much. Starting to wonder if it’s the eye drops, as silly as that sounds, the one I started the day of surgery.

I have four different drops total, one being my normal pressure drops and the other three being antibiotics and steroids because of the cataract surgery. My doctor instructed me to squeeze my nose at both tear ducts for a minute after putting the third drop in to keep it from affecting me given it’s a steroid. I may have thought that sounded a bit daft and, you know, haven’t done that. So, … maybe it’s those drops? My glucose readings have been high since starting them, too.

Dunno. Sounds just as hokey to me as it does valid.

January 2013 snowstorm

January 2013 snowstorm

Yesterday I watched the snow fall, something I couldn’t see happening the last couple of times it snowed. I could tell it was snowing when looking at the amount on the ground get higher (getting pelted in the face every time I stepped outside clued me in as well) but I couldn’t see the flakes as they fell. I stood on the porch a bit yesterday in complete amazement watching it snow. The newness is starting to fade a bit, the wonderment lessening, but I’m still so happy to have my good eye back it’s not funny. My bad eye is scheduled for cataract surgery on the 17th. I won’t get any central vision back in it as that’s gone forever but I should get peripheral back. Hoping that will help to lessen the queasiness I get when wearing reading glasses, too.

Though, that may be as hokey as the drops triggering the chronic joint pain.

Either way, I’m excited and ready to do this! When we went to the zoo last June I couldn’t see most of the animals unless they moved (was half due to cataract, other half due to the inflammatory disease being back). I hated that trip because I felt like nothing more than a burden. I’m excited for our annual zoo outing this June and can’t wait to see … well, see everything.



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