Little bits of gaming here and there

DKC:Tropical Freeze

I haven’t gamed a lot since my surgery last week because I’ve not wanted to strain my eye too much, but I’ve gotten a little time in a few different games. The difference post-cataract is STUNNINGLY AMAZING! I can see the vibrancy in colors again, the grains in textures, light … and see it all with clarity! I knew the first game I wanted to break out was DonkeyKong: Tropical Freeze. My save file was gone so I started over and, after battling for control of my Wii U with my three-year old Grandbaby (not kidding, she’s addicted to Mario Maker and wants to play it all the freaking time!) got a couple of levels under my belt. This little minion of mine trolled me pretty hard when I kept missing a vine I was trying to jump up and grab. She went as far as to say, “Let me do it, Grandma. You suck.” I think we need to watch our trash-talking tongues a bit more around this one. That kid, I swear!

Standing at the Rotting Cellar with Sylfa, an NPC dwarf

I finished up the Waterworks in Moria and headed to Lothlorien to level for the next installment of Bingo Boffin’s crazy adventures. I think Minni is level 59 now with this week’s Bingo quest’s suggestion of level 62? Either way, I’m in love with the Bingo Boffin quests and have adapted playing Minni around them. My reward for leveling is another episode of Bingo! Wondering if I can get in some serious game time today to get her to 60 … I will attempt such an endeavor with the vigor of the stoutest Dwarven miner around!


A Kingdom for Keflings on Xbox Arcade

I wanted to start A Wolf Among Us, a game I bought via Xbox Live some time ago, but found I’d neglected to download it. Bummer! Saw A Kingdom for Keflings on Xbox Arcade so decided to give it a go instead. My Xbox 360 avatar was in the game, the character I was controlling, and that tickled me PINK! It wasn’t too long, however, that I realized I didn’t know what to do. I was supposed to build a house for the Keflings and I’d made all the necessary parts. I just couldn’t figure out how to get that sucker together. I ran around mining stone, harvesting trees, found a book (that I’ve no idea what to do with), a crystal picking rod thing, some shoes and I think another item. Still was clueless on the house and had decided the game wasn’t fun and I should exit. Which is how I found the ‘help’ file that filled me in on how to read the blueprints like a thinking person … once the house was finished I started having fun! I worked on my town a little more and then hit the ‘this was just a trial’ thing. I didn’t see that coming!

Seriously thinking about getting the game at some point if it’ll let me. (went to a dead link or some sort of error when I tried to see how much the game cost) I love city builders and this one has ME in it. What could be better than that?

I’m excited about all the games I can experience now that I can see so much better. I wish I could play them all RIGHT NOW! What’s on your shortlist for gaming? I need to pare mine down a bit … Thinking DK, LotRO and either getting back into Bioshock or starting A Wolf Among Us. Hard to settle on a few when I have so very many games waiting on me!


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  1. Kingdom for Keflings is fun, but you should play its “sequel” World of Keflings instead. Its only a sequel in the sense it was made second.. Thats about it. Its a longer game with more to do and allows mulitplayer. 😀

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