Menu Plan Monday: Not entirely sure I’m prepared this week

We start this month off by pulling sugar from our diet. Well, almost. Couldn’t find sugar-free peanut butter at the grocers but, other than that, no sugar! It’s going to be hard but I hope if we can stay excited about our food and how we eat it then we’ll want to know more about what’s IN our food and learn to avoid sugar. The family is asking questions, and good ones, such as ‘Can we eat fruit?’ or ‘Is there sugar in sports drinks?’ so I’m taking that as a sign we’re committed to making better choices!

I just hope I’m prepared.

I’d planned on spending a lot of time this past weekend going over my pantry, freezers and meal plan but I was either cleaning or feeling on the crappy side so that didn’t happen. I did make sure to get the needed ingredients for a few fat bomb recipes and they’ve already told me which one they want to try first. I think subbing fat bombs in place of sugar may help them feel less deprived. I hope, anyway.

Here’s the menu plan for this week.

Meatloaf meatballs

Meatloaf meatballs

  • Monday- Broiled cod with roasted beets and greens (still learning how and when to do beets)
  • Tuesday- No-roll fajitas on baby spinach (this didn’t happen last week so was moved to this week)
  • Wednesday- Creamy tomato soup (adapting an old recipe of mine to be as keto-friendly as I can get it)
  • Thursday- Meatloaf meatballs with steamed broccoli and sweet potatoes
  • Friday- Beefy cheesy nachos on greens (instead of with corn chips)
  • Saturday- Spinach and mushroom smothered chicken (family favorite!)
  • Sunday- Chicken roasted over onions, celery, tomatoes and butternut squash

The fat bomb I’m making this week is this gorgeous Peanut butter cinnamon chocolate bomb one that has them drooling. I don’t know when yet as I think I’m going to wait and feel them out and make them when a sweet tasting treat is needed. I’d love to see the family do okay during the week so we can eat our fat bombs on the weekends. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could start to associate ‘treats’ with dinners on the weekend when we have more time to hang around at the table after dinner? We’re a bit rushed during the week most of the time, clearing the table as soon as we’re done rather than sitting and talking for a bit.

Ah, we’ll see.

What’s cooking at your house this week?


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