Seeing more fat squirrels hanging around

Close up of a very fat squirrel in our tree

Mike has a couple of make-shift squirrel feeders at the base of one of our trees. It’s become a veritable hot bed of activity over the last few days! We usually see two or three around it at a time, barking at each other and making these weird almost robotic noises as they eat. Suppose they’re ‘chatting’? This one in the picture, I believe, is Ms. Brazen. The one that will come up to us on the porch, steal more stuffing from our porch chair cushions (IN FRONT OF US) and yell at us when they’re out of food.

She’s a big one in every sense of the word. (Assuming she’s really a she as I haven’t seen any squirrel balls on her when she turns and runs off.)

We have what we thought was a squirrel-proof bird feeder, a long slim metal pole with a hanging rod for two bird feeders across the top. I walked outside just in time to see her leap from the top of it and run off, spurring Mike to get another squirrel feeder going so they’d leave the bird food alone. I had no idea how demanding squirrels can be before moving to Iowa. The ones in our trees have schooled me rather fast on that. If you don’t feed them but DO feed, for instance, birds, they won’t leave you alone until you rectify that blunder. They’ll yell at you, throw things (I was once hit in the head with a corn cob, though I’m still not sure why), break open cushions and steal the stuffing, rearrange small items you may have on your porch, … it’s a little maddening.

Mike had wanted to put the squirrel feeders on the porch so I could see them better but I opted for it to be by the tree. I’m hoping this will convince the little buggers that the porch is mine, the tree theirs. If they didn’t make such a mess on the porch I don’t think I’d mind.

Anyway, I think it’s safe to say these squirrels are well fed!


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