In the event of an apocalypse, what character do you want with you?

I spent a bit of time pondering this very thing a couple of nights ago. What would happen should an apocalyptic event occur and we had to run? Whether it’s zombies or a widely ranged EMP bomb or the appearance of Randall Flagg, you’d want someone with you who could handle themselves in any number of situations and help keep you and yours safe, no? If you had your choice of any character from a video game, who would you pick? I know exactly who I’d choose:

Varric, from the Dragon Age games.

He’s amazingly resourceful and would have very little trouble attaining supplies we’d need along the way. He not only reads people well he’s charming enough to handle folks we come in contract with as we travel. His contacts are vast and surely would come in handy as we trekked across the map to safety. And, when all else fails, he has Bianca, his crossbow, and would have no trouble taking down any threat to our safety that couldn’t be talked down/away. Added bonus, he’s a great story-teller and would provide countless hours of entertainment when needed.

Sound choice, I think!

Care to play along? Leave a comment telling what video game character you’d pick to take along and why. Can’t wait to see your responses! Though, may be the weekend before I can check comments. Thanks for playing!



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