Birthday spoils!

You know, I tend to get family Woot tee-shirts for their birthdays and, once in a while, a Steam game to go with it. They get another gift or two but, traditionally, we keep birthdays pretty simple compared to, say, Christmas. Which is why it took me by surprise to see what my family got me for my birthday this year.

Animal Crossing amiibos, Mario Sticker Star for 3DS and Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon for 3DS

This picture look okay? Can’t tell if it’s clear or cloudy!

My oldest and his wife bought the Animal Crossing Amiibos and said two more are coming this week. Aren’t they the cutest?? My other two sons bought me the 3DS games. I’ve started playing Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon but, thanks to interruptions from a certain 3YO who seems to think my 3DS should belong to her, I haven’t gotten very far. Matter of fact, I’ve been pixel-ported to the … Gloomy (?) Mansion but haven’t yet gone in to find my special suit.

Titan Dragon Age figures of special Morrigan, Leliana and the Mabari hound. Also, a Big Daddy from Bioshock figure.

My grand-daughter gave me the Big Daddy figure from Bioshock. Every time she sees it on my desk she tells me she bought it for me last night from Grandma’s store. Cute. Mike bought me a few more Dragon Age Titan figures and from them I now have added Leliana, Special Morrigan (I think she’s the special version) and the Mabari Hound to my collection!!! That means I only need the Grey Warden, Arishok, Fenris and Special Leliana to complete the set. I’m so freaking STOKED!!! I have a few extras, another Isabela, Varric (x2), (regular) Leliana, (regular) Alistair who has no sword and Special Anders. If you have one I don’t and want one I do, hit me up. Would love to trade!



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  1. Happy birthday!! And congratulations on the awesome swag! ^_^

  2. That big daddy is awesome! Luigi’s mansion is solid although fair warning sticker star was…. Hard to meet expectations 🙂

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