Menu Plan Monday: Trying out new recipes

I have five new-to-us recipes on the plan this week and, I must admit, am pretty stinking excited about them! These are mostly from keto-friendly sites and we’re in need a of fresh batch of meals to keep the interest up in eating healthier. I’m still making the chili, buffalo chicken and chicken salad for lunches as well as quiches for breakfast (I alternate between bacon, sausage and now broccoli as well as making them as written to keep them from always being the same) so I want to try extra hard not to always have the same things for supper.

This menu plan will get us through the end of January. I’m hoping these new recipes are exciting for the family to eat not just because I want them to enjoy eating but also because I want them as fired up to start February as I can get them. January was ‘No Junk January’ for us. Junk food was not allowed to be brought into the house. We’re expanding on that next month by pulling sugar from our diet. I talked with everyone and gave them a choice to vote on, removing sugar or flour. They all voted for sugar so we’re going to give this big scary step a go. Wish us luck!

Here’s my menu plan for this week.

Wrapless crockpot chicken fajitas

I made Goose stop eating right as he started for this picture. Ha!

I’m having cataract surgery on Thursday morning. I’m told you walk out there completely fine but if I don’t feel up to cooking something new I’ll swap Saturday’s supper with Thursday’s as it’s a ‘throw it in the crockpot and walk away’ kind of meal.

Suppose I could work a bit on my sides to add something other than greens, broccoli and sweet potato but, honestly, I love them! So far no one has said anything about how often they’re on the table …. though I’ve probably just jinxed myself. Ideas?


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