My new favorite snack: Nut and seed loaf with hummus and turkey

I have a love/hate relationship with bread. I love the smell of bread as it bakes in the oven! It makes me feel extremely happy I love that smell so much! A freshly made loaf of french bread? OH MY GHOD, I can eat it seven ways from Sunday and still not get tired of it, not ever! I love the taste of most bread and the idea of a sandwich absolutely just hits the spot. Homemade buttermilk biscuits? TO. DIE. FOR! Thing is, bread makes my gut hurt, hence the hate part of this twisted relationship I have with it. Since I kicked gluten from my diet, a struggle I think I’m finally winning (it’s been a few years long struggle) I’ve been in search of a replacement.

Which is how I found myself reading this post by Sarah Britton on her blog, My New Roots, titled The Life Changing Loaf of Bread. The title sounds rather presumptuous but I was intrigued. Much of what she wrote in that post resonated with me so strongly I felt that post was written FOR me. I decided to give it a try once I found I could buy the ingredients I needed (psyllium seed husks, for example) without breaking the bank by ordering from Amazon. I’m on my second loaf and really like eating it!


It took a bit of adjustment.

First, it doesn’t look appealing, not even a little, to me before it’s baked.

nut and seed loaf of bread before it's baked

I was a little turned off by both the look and feel of it before it baked. Actually, I was worried I’d wasted my money on what looked like … bird food. I knew her pictures showed a browned and very tasty looking loaf so I kept going. Then the smell hit, a smell that, so far, I’m the only one it offends. Psyllium seed husks have this odd odor when they’re in the oven that gets stronger the longer they bake. I went from worry to fear, wondering if the bread was going to taste like that smell.

It kind of did. A little.

I should point out, however, two things. One, Mike and a couple of our sons have tried this bread and neither of them seemed to notice the unpleasant taste (or smell). Probably because of ‘two’, I’m something of a “super-sniffer”, for lack of a more elegant way to put it. I have an insanely extreme and strong sense of smell which affects my sense of taste. I don’t yet like the taste of psyllium seed husks.

Slice of the nut and seed bread baked

Looks LOADS better baked, no? I used almonds rather than hazelnuts because we can’t find hazelnuts for sale that don’t cost an arm and a leg!

That said, I love this bread because I’ve found a way to eat it that blends that funky taste right into the background. Hummus! I’d never tried hummus before but did have dried chickpeas on hand and wanted to see if I’d like it so I looked for a recipe that I thought sounded good. Ina Garten’s Hummus won the pick and after I’d made it, I had Britt come down and try it. She loves hummus and buys it ready-made a lot. I figured she’d be the best judge of that particular recipe. She said she really liked it so it felt like a win-win. The recipe calls for four cloves of garlic. I used three normal sized cloves and one BIG one. I’m thinking the next batch I’ll not use quite that much garlic, but I’m still really enjoying it.

Nut seed loaf slice with hummus and turkey

I’ve started buying whole turkey breasts, roasting them in the oven and slicing for sandwiches or whatnot to cut down on the amount of deli meats we buy for snacking and or meals. I put hummus on a slice of the nut and seed loaf and then top with a bit of turkey before warming it through in the microwave. It’s SO good this way! I haven’t tried toasting a slice yet (I don’t own a toaster unless there’s still one hidden in the dark recesses of my basement) but I bet that would bring out a more nutty taste.

Best part, for me, is no discomfort or pain after eating this!

This has become my nightly snack and I look forward to Boo going to bed, signaling ‘snack time’ for me because of it. I think it’s best to not try and find substitutes and replacements for all the gluten you used to eat when going gluten-free … that requires a lifestyle change, really. That said, I’m so glad I found this bread, even if it does have a funny sounding name.



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  1. It’s great you found something you like that doesn’t fight back.

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