Zee Bioshock Infinite preorder stickers!

These may not be new to anyone but me but I’m stoked! I’d been complaining to my son about how I wanted to play Bioshock on a console but our connection wouldn’t let me stream it over the PS4 so he went home, grabbed his Ultimate Rapture Edition of the games (has all three of the Bioshocks) for xBox360 and gave it to me. That was a couple of weeks ago and, honestly, I’d forgotten I had them. He wanted to borrow them a couple of days ago and opened the case before he left. Inside were three Bioshock Infinite preorder stickers!! I tried to get one picture with all three but it didn’t work out. So here they are, alone and skewed, for your viewing pleasure.


This one, the Hall of Heroes Memorial Giftshop makes me want to buy ammo. Lots and lots of ammo.


Bioshock Infinite preorder sticker of the First Lady's Aerodome

This one, the First Lady’s Aerodome,  makes me cringe at how horrible I was at aiming at flying targets and taking them down. I did finish those battles (was it more than one or did I have to revive so many times it felt like more than one??) but, hoo_boy, I stunk the place up doing so! Btw, I’m thinking of when you’re jumping from skyline to skyline while trying to shoot … or was it near the end of the game at the dock place? Been long enough I should play again!



This one, though, this one is my favorite. It’s like the image for me that represents just how much this game wowed my socks off! It’s the image that, in a silly way, makes me feel connected to the story and the game. Monument Island is a huge … place (I feel weird just calling it a place) for the game as so much happens here, so much of the story represented here. Plus, I felt serious achievement when I made it to the Island. Heh.

So, how do you like my stickers? Aren’t they awesome?


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