Undertale: The story rich retro RPG with the most insane boss fight in the history of ever!

Town of Snowdin in Undertale

A friend gifted me Undertale for Christmas. I’d just heard of the game and wishlisted it when I received it so I didn’t know much about it, other than it looked cute. This game is, in my not so humble opinion, a true gem of a game! The design is very retro in a great way, hitting all the nostalgic memories you can muster square in the forehead. The story is humorous and deep, rich with a good measure of sardonic thrown in that will make you chuckle. Undertale gives meaning to action and your choices matter in a way that makes you think a little about how you played the game.

This isn’t what I’d call a traditional game in that the combat system is …. different. I found the many choices when in battle confusing at first and, to be completely honest, I wound up pulling up a guide to see if I was missing something. (I had been.) You don’t have to fight in Undertale, something I found a little unsettling at first given my penchant for a good hack and slash ‘count the bodies later’ type of game. I don’t think I fully understood the “RPG” aspect or, rather, that this little game really was an RPG at first because it didn’t look like my usual RPG fare. Once I was well under way, having spent a few hours on the game, I started to learn about what the ‘players choice’ aspect meant. (thanks to the guide I pulled up)

I was playing what’s referred to as a neutral game, meaning I killed some enemies and spared others. The way you play the game affects what happens as you play. Your play through may be a bit different from mine whether that’s in story or story and encounters, you could very well see something I didn’t. I was near the end of the game when it hit me I had to play again to see what all I’d missed.

The sound track is really good and enjoyable. I can’t say I’d spend $10 bucks for it because I don’t tend to buy sound tracks of anything much … think I’ve only ever bought two sound tracks in my life, even. Anyway, I seriously enjoyed listening to it play as I made my way through the game! I did see some of the plot twists coming but there’s one that, I’m not sure how to explain this properly, but I felt it as it slowly (matter of speaking) dawned on me as it began to happen. It changed what I’d thought had been a tad on the creepy side to a story with feeling.

The puzzles are super easy and fun but they were a little oddball. You have to move enough boxes out of the way to shoot a ship on the other side of the puzzle box. I won’t say they exactly ‘fit’ but I liked them. I was glad to see a few modes of faster/easier travel between maps (or inside of a town) but this one had to be my favorite.

Traveling across an impassable passage with the help of a bird in Undertale.

This little bird grabbed me by my head and flew me across an otherwise impassable section of the map. Cute! If this is sounding more like a review than not it’s only because I really hope you guys play the game as spoiler free as you can. Even with spoilers, nothing prepares you for the final boss fight.

That sucker is the most insane, no, bizarre, no, insanely bizarre fight I’ve ever had in a game. There was a point when I heard this strange guttural noise. As I worked hard to die again fought I asked my husband what the noise was … he said I made it when the attacks from the boss were super insane. I don’t doubt it as the level of crazy in that fight is extreme! Prepare to die. A lot. More ‘a lot’ if you, like me, have no idea where to go! (centerish is probably best) The number of deaths you experience against that last boss only serves to make victory sweeter, let me tell you! That last boss is maddening on more than one level but to explain what I mean I’d spoil the story for you.


Get the game, people. There’s so much to like in Undertale, so much to experience! I’m going to play again, following a guide from the start, and then I may do another play through. You’ll laugh at the NPCs. You’ll explore, get involved with the story, date a skeleton (or not, your choice), you’ll make countless trips selling cloudy glasses to the Temmies in order to buy Tem armour (I did, anyway), you’ll chuckle and when you’re close to the end you’ll smack your head and think, ‘Oh, man!’ before wondering  how twisted the developer’s, Toby Fox, mind is. and then you’ll fight that last boss and realize his mind is just sick. I mean that in the best way possible, though I may have invented new curse words and directed them towards him (in my head) before finally beating that boss.

I was reading a few of the reviews during a break from playing the game this weekend and saw one that claimed Undertale was mind-blowing. I scoffed at the dramatics of the reviewer’s statement but, you know, it really is a great game! It’s not mind-blowing in the way that Bioshock Infinite was, for instance, but in its own right, yes. Add to that this was mostly done by the one guy (Mr. Fox) and, just wow! I hope there’s a sequel or something in the works!


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  1. I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself as I saw my little Steam alert pop up telling me you were playing Undetale pop up again…and again…and again…
    I knew exactly where you were at that point. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Undetale is one of those games that can completely destroy your preconceived notions (and sound great while doing it!) Enjoy your next few playthrus, both good and evil if you do that.
    Protip: In a Pacifist run, after dealing with Undyne, be sure to go back to her house in Waterfall.

  2. Just started getting into this; excited to see what all the hype is about.

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