Menu Plan Monday: No Junk January

A couple of weeks before Christmas I told everyone we would be doing a “No Junk January”, meaning no junk foods would be brought in the house. We all have reasons we need to up the healthy in our diet and doing this together, as a family, I’d hoped, would help to not only encourage each other to stick to it but give common grounds to talk more about what we need to eat and why.

So far? It’s been very successful!

It’s been a pretty common sight to see someone sitting on the couch binge-watching something on Netflix while eating a bag of chips. Just as common was the sound of a bag of candy as someone dug for another piece of flavored sugar. Having to pick up soda bottles was a near every day thing and the weekly recycling was proof positive that we eat WAY too much sugar and butt-tons of simple carbs. Just. Not. Cool.

We’re over the halfway mark and I am impressed with my family! That doesn’t mean homemade cookies haven’t been made. I didn’t see that coming, not even a little. Grandpa (Mike) has made cookies two or three times this month, saying he’s ‘Grandpa’ and Boo needs a cookie every now and then. I had a few from the first batch but, since, not even a crumb. I’m finding it’s easier than I thought to say no to sweets when I’m not constantly consuming them.  If only I could find an extraction method for my sweet tooth, I’d be set. I still get pangs, serious and HARD pangs, but, so far, I’m holding them at bay.

Well, with the exception of a few spoons of peanut butter.

Along with the ‘no junk’ theme I’ve tried to make suppers interesting and tasty. There’s certainly a bit of repetition but, for the most part, I think we’re enjoying our meals well this month. Babygirl has had a few issues … spicy food just isn’t her thing. Chicken isn’t her thing. Mushrooms aren’t her thing. Peppers? Getouttahere! It’s a pattern I’ve seen before, typically hitting the higher notes when she’s in an adjustment period. We’re adding to ‘the healthy’ next month and, honestly, I’m not sure everyone will make that trip as well as they have January’s. Hopeful, but, still a few kinks to be ironed out yet.

Here’s this week’s meal plan.

  • Monday: Lettuce wrapped tacos with black beans
  • Tuesday: Tuna salad on greens and fried dill pickles
  • Wednesday: Meatloaf with steamed sweet potatoes and broccoli
  • Thursday: Smothered Chicken Italiano with a side salad
  • Friday: Baked Cod Casserole with black beans
  • Saturday: ‘Make it ourselves’ pizza (Mike bought crusts, need to use them) and a side salad
  • Sunday: Chuck roast braised over a vegetable medley of carrots, celery, onion, tomato and broccoli

What’s on your menu plans for the week?


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