Coffee Chat: Baby Doc looks healthy!

Babygirl had an ultrasound done in December and they found her baby, Doc, had enlarged kidneys and white spots in or on his heart. Her doctor sent her to see a fetal medicine specialist and ordered a 3-D ultrasound so they could get a better look at what’s going on. She had the 3-D ultrasound this week and the results were great!

The specialist said Doc’s kidneys are fine, that most likely he was in the process of needing to pee when the December ultrasound was done. They’re normal sized now so there’s nothing to worry about there. As for his heart, there are no holes and it looks normal and healthy. Huge relief! Goose, Doc’s father, has Marfan’s Syndrome so the specialist took measurements of Doc’s bones, to get an idea as to whether he also has Marfan’s. There’s a 50/50 chance but they don’t think so. It’s hard to diagnose in the womb but there are signs, such as certain bones being longer than normal, which can point towards a possibility.

It feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders, I won’t lie. I want Doc to be a healthy happy baby and I really don’t want Babygirl to go through the hellish worrying you do when your pregnancy is considered high-risk. I had preeclampsia with all three of mine, Babygirl’s pregnancy being the most severe. The worry when they tell you something’s wrong or you won’t carry the baby full term, it’s intense, so heavy. She came home with a beaming smile on her face after meeting with the specialist, the kind of smile you feel when you see it. Made my day!

Doc is due in April and, right now, that feels forever away. Will be here before we know it though I’m sure.  Now we can focus more on what they’ll need when Doc is born and help get everything prepared. They’ve been promised a crib from family but that was a few months ago and we haven’t seen it yet. Not ruling it out but I think we need to prepare to take care of that just incase. A big chunk of Babygirl’s Christmas was baby stuff (her request) but it’s just a drop in the bucket compared to what she’ll need.

Need to talk to Squealer, her best friend, and see about a baby shower.

Lot to do but there’s still plenty of time to get it done.


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  1. Great news on the baby, and such a relief for you all. Hopefully there are no more bumps in the road to delivery.

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