Revamps I think Steam needs: The Wishlist


My Steam wishlist showing a game on sale

I love the ability to have a wishlist on Steam as it helps me buy the games I’m interested in when they’re on sale. While there certainly are games I will buy at release price without a second thought (Dragon Age, Witcher, …), most games I wait until they are on sale. My library would be extremely tiny if I didn’t because there are LOTS of games I want to play but can’t afford to unless I catch them on sale. My general rule of thumb for most of the games I buy is 75% off or better, though I don’t always stick to that. Currently my wishlist has 46 games on it but they aren’t all for me.

Which is where my first ‘revamp’ wish comes into play.

Steam's wishlist

I want the ability to have both a public and a private wishlist like I can on Amazon. I have absolutely zero interest in playing anything Minecraft but my kids LOVE playing the game. They play on Xbox360, PS4 (I think) and their computers. They can’t get enough! Minecraft: Story Mode, for example, is one of the games on my wishlist that I would prefer to be on a private wishlist. I’m hoping for a sale to come along so I can gift this game to my daughter for her birthday. I don’t know if she’s even aware of the Steam wishlist but I know my boys are as they sometimes ask me questions about the games I have on it. Sometimes those games are for them and I’m pretty sure my oldest has possibly perused my wishlist to guess what each of them may be getting for Christmas. Normally I gift them a Steam game at Christmas. Keeping their prying eyes off my list is the first reason I want a private wishlist.

A year or so back I was watching for a sale on a game for my daughter-in-law. I have the BEST Steam buddies. Some of them saw that game on my wishlist, assumed it was for me and gifted it to me. I wound up with seven copies of that game for Christmas that year. It was the sweetest thing ever but if I’d been able to put that game on my private wishlist, that wouldn’t have happened.

This past Christmas I pulled most of the games I was watching for my kids from my wishlist a few weeks early so they couldn’t snoop and get a clue. It’s not a big hassle I suppose but a private wishlist would alleviate that need. Make it happen, Steam!


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