LotRO: Game plan needs velcro

I decided I would finish the first volume of the Epics on Minni, my Minstrel, before starting Moria. When needing a break for something different I’d play Condi, my Captain, and work on getting her last few levels to cap. My bazillion alts would be ignored until I’d either finished Moria or gotten Condi to level 100. Easy. achievable and fun!

Laeradan, LotRO

I always thought there was something suspect, nay, dreadful, about this particular Elf!

I completed Epic Volume 1 with Minni and came to a startling conclusion. I’ve done these books so VERY! MANY! TIMES! I wasn’t bothering to read a single line of text. I was just clicking through, so fast and with so little thought that the sudden transport back to Esteldin caught me off guard. I hadn’t really thought much about where I was in the Epic, I was just rushing through to get it done. I think that means I don’t need to do the Epic on another character! Or, perhaps, I don’t need to do Volume 2 on Minni. I’m not fond of the Moria story as it goes through Moria. Not even a little. I wish, oh how I wish, they’d revamp that volume and bring it in line with the revamped Moria!! Just the thought of the Moria Epic made me decide it was time to switch to Condi for a bit. So, I logged Minni out.

Then I proceeded to log in almost every other crafter I have and start AND max another tier of crafting in each of their professions!

I spent all day Saturday doing nothing BUT leveling all those crafters I wasn’t going to play until Moria’s done or Condi’s 100. It was a case of unpremeditated crafting, meaning I gave it no thought whatsoever, I just started doing it. Do you ever suffer from this ailment, crafting alt-itis? It’s expensive! How deep does this sickness go, you ask? Let me go grab a screenshot and show you. Hang on.

Condi, my Captain, in the Midgewater Marshes in Bree, LotRO

Condi, waiting for me, in the Midgewater Marshes.

There’s my level 90 Captain (thought she was almost 92, oops) standing in the Midgewater Marshes so she can collect copper and rowan logs in another attempt to level a baby mule I’ve never played (past the intro) just by crafting. IT’S A SICKNESS, PEOPLE! Maybe if I apply some velcro to Minni, Condi and my game plan I could stick to it? Or not, velcro peels up easily enough. /Sigh

That said, I’m excited to try and level another character only with crafting XP. I don’t know why that sounds like fun and, in reality, I get bored with it and start skirmishing or deeding or …. something, every time. This time I’m going to stick to it! I will see this through! As long as I have Condi and my other characters to gather the necessary mats. I have an idea to see her (my mule) past level 33, currently the highest I’ve gotten via this method, but I’m not sure I really want to do it. We’ll see how it goes.

I’m fairly sure I’ll be running through the Moria gates not long after gathering mats in the Midgewater Marshes. I might even make a bit of progress on my LotRO game plan once I get back to it. Wish me velcro, folks!



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  1. My LOTRO plan is also a set of plans which are almost never met. Each new plan to revitalise after the burn of failing another plan. In a game famous for grind adding further grind to the mix is actually sometimes stimulating.

    And like you I can also put a char down and pick em up again at a later (sometimes much later…) date!

    • I’m so all over the place with LotRO, lol. I am dedicating time to working Minni but I distract myself from my plans all the time. Trying to resist the urge to focus on another toon at the moment so I can keep working Minni up. Hard!

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