“You Are my Sunshine” commentary

Monday morning Boo and I spent a good forty minutes in bed singing “You Are my Sunshine” and “The Itsy Bitsy Spider”, per her request, before getting up for the day. I’m not sure what spurred her wish to hear her groggy Grandma sing but I thought it was sweet. At first, anyway.

I sometimes think she just likes to control things.

You are my sunshine,

my only sunshine,

you make me happy.

when skies are gray, “The skies are BLUE, Grandma!

you’ll never know dear, “Yes I do.

how much I love you, “I love YOU so much!

please don’t take my sunshine away “Grandma, the skies are really blue.

Her commentary is in the quotes and she interspersed with me singing, repeating these ‘lines’ verbatim, a good five or six times through. What made me chuckle was that we’re both so bull-headed neither of us missed a beat. Or felt upset with the other. It’s one of those things we do, friendly debating I suppose you could say.

When one or both of us is mad, though, we argue. She demands it more so than I do, but even if I refuse to argue back she’ll follow me around the house barking objections my way. One of my Christmas presents was to “She who must be obeyed”. That fits Boo just as well as it fits me.




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