Eye Update: Appointment set to meet the cataract doctor

Yesterday I had an appointment with my retina doctor and he said to go ahead and schedule the evaluation to meet the doctor who will remove my cataract(s). I’m not sure if they’ll do both eyes or just my good one but as long as they do my good eye, I’m fine with that. When they first told me all the treatments to my eyes were causing cataracts I hit Google and looked for as much information as possible so I’d know what to expect.

People say having cataracts clouds your vision, that it’s like looking through a haze or cloudy fog. They’re right. Sometimes colors are off and can appear brownish hued. I think it’s different, dependent on the growth of the cataract, and may not be the same for everyone.

No one mentioned the light, though.

The hazy fogginess, for me, varies. I have good days and then there are days where it’s a struggle to see much that isn’t right in front of me, especially in more light. Moxxie and Nugget, my dogs, are both black. In poor light I’ve walked right into them and or stepped on their paws because I didn’t know they were laying on the floor. Moxxie never moves as she expects you to step over or around her. Way too trusting, that one! I’m also noticing I cut corners to sharply now and have little bruises on my arms (from doorways) and legs (from tables and counters).

All of that, however, isn’t as bad as what happens when your vision is foggy and you’re in bright light. THE GLARE IS INSANE! It’s as if light is hitting that ‘fog’ and reflecting straight into your eye, intensified. Ugh. I’ll be so incredibly happy to have these cataracts removed. I’m told my vision will correct to 20/20 when they put the new lenses in. (Just in case you were wondering, I won’t get the vision I’ve lost back.)

I go back to on Tuesday to meet the doctor who will do the surgery. He’s done over, I think, 30,000 of these surgeries! It’s a very routine procedure and I’ll have my first post-op checkup that very day, the day of surgery. I don’t know how long the wait is between meeting the doctor and getting your procedure scheduled but I hope it’s not too long. Would love to have my good eye ‘good’ again by my birthday. I doubt it’ll happen that fast but I can dream, no?


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  1. I had to have cataract surgery at age 30. (Early cataracts are common with RP) It wasn’t as scary as it sounded, the healing was pretty quick, and my vision was greatly improved afterward. Good luck!

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