LotRO: I’m floundering without direction

LotRO Balrog

Not sure which way to go, just that I want to GO!

I have a serious longing to play LotRO but every time I log in, I don’t know what to do. I have lots of alts but my favorite is my level 51 Minstrel at the moment. I want to level her all the way to level cap but … I don’t want to do, for instance, Dunland again. I have a Lore-Master there currently and I remember enjoying the content when I ran my Captain through. Same with my Guardian and Hunter, even, but I don’t know that I really want to do it again. I feel the same about Rohan. It was fun on the three or four I took through but the idea of taking another from start to finish is daunting.

Part of it may be that I’m looking at the whole, from the level I am now all the way to 100, as a whole. Breaking it up in my head and setting much smaller goals will help that massive task of quests and areas feel more doable. That’s not the only reason it feels like an impossible task, however. All the systems! Do I want to grind for my legendary weapons? No, not really because as long as I can fight well I don’t really care how 1337 they are. How about Epic (Big) Battles? I’m unsure on those. They’re fun but I’m not feeling a grind. I’m told a LOT that I “NEED” to do them for the jewelry but, again, as long as I’m not dying too much, I’m okay with what I have. I haven’t needed to be the biggest and best in a long time.

There are skirmishes as a means of leveling past an area I don’t want to do but they get old after a while. I keep telling myself I need to just pick one or two characters and quest them up. Ignore grinding deeds, weapons, armour … what have you and just enjoy the journey to cap. But, I distract myself by opening my deed book and seeing unfinished deeds. I want the extra tree points. The kin I’m in has a few very friendly people who offer to help at any time but I know they’re mostly focused on grinding for scrolls and whatnot. Who wants to come run around the Foundations of Stone just because I want it to go faster when you’re close to getting what ever it is you’ve been working on for so long? Time is valuable because it’s limited. These aren’t folks who hang out in game all day with nothing better to do!

The last couple of months I’ve only really done Bingo Boffin quests. I LOVE THEM! They’re so cute and fun and a lot of that has to do with them being ‘new’. My highest character is level 90 IIRC so there’s still a lot of game that’s new to me. I could play her, get those last few levels and do so without repeating old content. My drawback is having to use warsteeds. I still hate them! My connection is better than it used to be, however, and my computer much faster, so maybe I won’t slingshot or lag as much when on them. I hope, anyway.

Minnie, my level 51 Minstrel, hasn’t done much in Moria, if anything. I remember fighting in Moria back before Halloween but it may have been on another alt. She’s still working on finishing the first volume of Epics as well, Book 11 I think, so I may pick up there after this week’s Bingo Boffin quest. Once I have Volume 1 completed it’ll be on through Moria. I really need to start scheduling my gaming time again and make a plan for my LotRO characters. It’s easier for me to meet a goal when I don’t have to sit and wonder ‘what to do???’.

So, guess first up is a schedule followed by a goal sheet for Minnie. Let’s hope this makes leveling her feel more manageable!


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  1. I don’t know what was your regular road for levelling but I skipped Dunland too and went straight from Mirkwood to Great River. Sure, I missed on epic books, but it was on an alt so I knew the story already. And I really enjoy Great River questflow.

  2. Heya Ranni πŸ™‚ What server do you play on? I know exactly how you feel on the grind and wanting to play but being stuck .. Haha! My kin is over on Arkenstone now… If your over there look me up sometime as I’ll run with you and we can miander around Moria 😜😜

  3. You can always do what Lal said, and do Mirkwood and skip most of Dunland, then go to Great River at 70. Also,l skip deeding. I do and my four characters at 100 don’t seem to miss having maxed out virtues or every last available point on the trait tree. They don’t die easily and are fun to play, and that’s what I like.

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