It’s the simple things that make us happy, huh?

Grand daughter with a temporary frog tattoo on her forehead

Just a little frog!

Monday Mike cleaned the bookcases in our office and found an old set of temporary tattoos Babygirl bought years ago. I handed them to her and she grabbed Boo and ‘went to work’. That little frog on Boo’s forehead made her so extremely happy you could feel it. She felt like a million bucks!

She was also sporting a patriotic butterfly on one arm and a fish and tiger on the other.

This sounds silly but I’ve been asking myself today what simple things make me happy. I’m not really sure right now (which is why this is silly!) and it’s bugging me. Listening to Boo’s laugh when she’s lost in a fit of excited giggles makes me happy. Seeing my kids ’round the table playing board games makes me happy. Watching my family enjoy a meal I’ve prepared makes me very happy! Sometimes a good cup of coffee does the trick and others, being able to lose myself in a video game puts a huge smile on my face.

There ARE things that make me happy, lots of things, but it’s not the same as Boo was with that frog on her forehead. Maybe it’s the innocence of kids versus the jadedness of adults that makes the difference. It’s hard not to look at everything around us with some sort of bias! A few years ago I was out in our garden standing under the sun flowers. I looked at them with, not sure how you’d say this, but with fresh eyes and they hit me to my happy place immediately!

Tall sunflowers from our garden, 2011

August, 2011

That’s what I’m looking for this year, the simple little things that make me happy. I think it’s easy to overlook them or take them for granted and I wonder how much I’m missing because of that. Life moves far too fast not to take notice more often!

Here’s to simple happy in 2016!


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