Civ V or Beyond Earth?

Civilzation V science victory

I had a crazy itch to jump back into Sid Meier’s Civ V game back before Halloween but I didn’t have the time. I can’t sit down and just play a few turns here and there, I have to play 200 turns. And then ‘just one more’. A lot! I believe it was after Thanksgiving when I finally found an evening free to play as President Washington. Oh, how I love this game! I knew I wanted to go for another Domination Victory as I didn’t find the Cultural or Science or whatever one I’d last had as fulfilling as killing troops and taking cities from other civs! I lust for pixellated blood on the battle field! I want to hear your women scream in fear as I attack your capital! (Okay, so not really on the last bit. It’s the only part of the game I’ve found to be disturbing actually.)

My game wasn’t going so hot. I get myself distracted from warmongering by building my cities, trying to beat other civs to building wonders, trying to play nice with the city-states, … There’s a lot to this game and it’s not hard to forget you had one specific mission! I wound up restarting new games a thousand several times when I realized I was too far into the game and had yet to start actually taking cities. This was more timely than immediate restarts trying to get the perfect starting location! Blimey!

I finally get a great game going. The game is still young, around 170 turns in and I already control four of the eight capital cities! I hadn’t realized it at the time but when I took Venice’s capital city it was their only city. They had taken over a city-state but had yet to do anything other than make it a puppet. I gave myself extra points for that one, even if it hadn’t been intended. Then Christmas happened (got a new SSD drive that I set up as my games drive) and I upgraded from Win 7 to Win 10. I had issues with the drive my games had been on and couldn’t save them. I don’t know how the cloud save works with Steam but I’m afraid I’ve lost that amazing game I had going!

Sid Meier's Civilization:Beyond Earth header

During the Steam sale I picked up Civilization:Beyond Earth. Some of the reviews said BE is too much like Civ V. That’s what made me go ahead and purchase it (that and the great sale price!) because I adore Civ V. I’d love to play it in space! But, … do I try and see if the cloud still has my awesome saved Civ V game, try and recreate it or go ahead and jump into BE? I’m torn as to which I want to do. I could give BE a try and if I’m not happy (or ready yet) go back to Civ V. If BE is as amazing as Civ V was, do I even want to go back?


I’m curious as to what the victory requirements are in Beyond Earth. Brave New World DLC made the Domination Victory a LOT harder by requiring you to control every capital city! I hope they’re not as tough in BE, at least, not at first. Now that I’m at the end of this post I’m leaning heavily towards BE because it’s new and new can be so exciting! Now to find a nice big block of time to play!


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