Animal Crossing:Amiibo Festival is exactly what it should be!

My youngest son bought Animal Crossing:Amiibo Festival (Wii U) for me for Christmas. It arrived yesterday but by the time I had a chance to play I was by myself. You can elect to play with one to four people so I went with a single player game and the other three spots were filled by computer players. If you’ve ever played the Animal Crossing games and have a Wii U, I highly recommend this game! It’s exactly what you’d expect from Animal Crossing in so many ways!

Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival game length rule

A month, you say?

I’ve only ever played two of the Animal Crossing games, those being New Leaf and Happy Home Designer. My favorite, of the two, is New Leaf. Amiibo Festival takes place in a town much like your own (should you play the other games). Re-Tail, the Train Station, the river and bridges, they’re all there on the game board. Your favorite NPCs are there as well, including some from Happy Home Designer. Some of the NPCs are for regular ‘events’ while others are for special events and mini-games. For instance, I finally met Katie! I’ve never seen her appear in my town so seeing her in Amiibo Festival was a nice surprise. Christmas this year was so busy for me I forgot to play New Leaf and experience Toy Day. My Amiibo Festival game tonight took place during the month of December so I met Jingle for the first time as well.


Trophy ceremony to finish the game, Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival

I won!

I played as Isabelle and enjoyed playing her that much more since my game came with both the Isabelle and Digby amiibo figures. I also have three amiibo cards for the game but wasn’t sure when you’re supposed to use them so they’re still in the box. The mini-games I played were very Animal Crossing-ish and made me feel right at home. Joan and the Stalk Market are a big part of Amiibo Festival, something I assumed I wouldn’t enjoy since I detest it when playing New Leaf. The way the turnip trade works in Amiibo Festival, however, is fun and can swing in your favor. Or not. Still a game of chance with Joan and her roots! I’m hoping to play again tonight with my daughter. I think playing against family/friends would be even more enjoyable, especially if you win. Always feels great to beat your loved ones, no? At one point during the game last night I had the most bells by a VERY LONG SHOT!! Then I found myself in a ‘chance event’ and lost them to another (computer) player. I won’t lie, that kind of irked me, but I still won the game. You collect Happy Points as you play and the winner is the one who’s accumulated the most. Bells come into play at the end of the game as you can purchase one Happy Point per thousand bells. The thief who stole all 90K of my bells is the one on the end holding the wooden trophy. She didn’t place. Serves her right, too, because cheaters never win.


I’ll be honest here and say that after Happy Home Designer I wasn’t sure what to expect from Amiibo Festival. It’s not that I don’t like HHD, I do. It’s just not at ALL what I was expecting from an Animal Crossing game. I half expected Amiibo Festival to be a clone of Mario Party and I would have been okay with that. I’m stoked it’s not and over-the-moon with how well tied into the series it is. There are even nods to HHD in some of the events. Very cute game!

Hope you guys have had a great start to the new year!




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