We had a wonderfully warm Christmas

Christmas this year has been a crazy weave of ups and downs, culminating into a marvelously wonderful day! A month ago I was in a bit of panic over the idea that we may not have a Christmas (under the tree) but things worked themselves out far better than I imagined they could have. This is the first holiday all of our kids are adults. It also marks the first one all of our kids bought gifts for everyone else. It was unexpected and I was overwhelmed at the warmth I felt watching my kids open gifts their siblings had not only picked out just for them but bought themselves. Turns out they like each other more than they let on!

I’ve thought a lot over the last few weeks about what Christmas really means to me and came to the same conclusion I always do when I ponder such … it’s my family together, enjoying each other, that makes it special. Raising kids isn’t always fun. It’s rewarding but there are times when you’re knee-deep in the trenches of misery (teenage years comes to mind!) and you wonder if everyone will make it out unscathed. It’s hit me that there is a bigger reward for making it out of your kids teenage years than just them maturing into adults.


Seeing the little versions of your kids running around calling you “Grandma” makes all the tears worth it.

Grand daughter sitting in the snow

Wonderboy and Boo attempted to build a snow fort

This little girl makes all the hell her daddy gave me fade into distant memories. When she laughs I remember his laugh when he was this little. When she entertains us with animated stories from the top of her head I remember his dramatic little retellings of this and that. I still remember the trying times with him but now I can chuckle when I pass them on, as warnings, to her parents. She looks just like him and not a day goes by that she doesn’t do something to pull another memory from my heart.

Grandbaby number three, Doc, will be here in a few months. I can’t wait to meet him and see what his personality is like. His mama, Babygirl, cried hard the first two months of her life. (She was very allergic to her milk!) He should be crawling by Christmas, IF he crawls. None of mine ever did. I already know what I want to get him, too! Plan early, no?

Christmas morning started when Boo climbed in bed with me. Mike cooks Christmas breakfast every year and was already downstairs so it was just the two of us. I told her, after a quick snuggle, that we should go downstairs and see what Santa left. She was under my electric blanket with me, wrapped my arm around her and said we had to cuddle more first.

So we did!

I hope you and yours had a great Christmas as well!



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