Spoiled for Christmas!

My family went above and beyond to make sure my presents were over-the-top this year! I’m still in a bit of shock to be honest because I absolutely wasn’t expecting this. I sent everyone an email months ago with a direct link to the blind-boxed Dragon Age Titan figures. I told them in the email that those surprise boxes were the only thing(s) I wanted for Christmas. Then I ordered three of them myself and saw they were shipped via ThinkGeek. Means I knew exactly what to watch for when the delivery folks came.

Said folks came and went and I never saw another ThinkGeek box, save for the one I’d ordered (something else entirely). It was upsetting but then the main reason I’d ordered the three myself was because I knew there was a good chance no one would remember.

People, they remembered! And managed to slip it right past me!

Dragon Age blind boxxed figures, unboxxed


I even have a couple duplicates! I’m so happy!

Speaking of Dragon Age, I have a story to tell you. I was playing Witcher 3 earlier this year when my good eye went bad (temporarily) and it became severe enough so that I couldn’t read much anymore. I was ‘playing’ but that means I mostly picked colorful herbs/plants, sometimes for hours at a time, while waiting on family members to have time to come and read the quest text on my screen and help me find where I needed to go. I logged 60 hours total IIRC but I’m only a level 15? It was sad. So sad I finally had to stop playing. (Oh, and someone died as a result of a quest line that I finished and I’m not sure they were supposed to die then. Been meaning to look that up and see if I goofed! I never got the cool Gwent card before they died!!!) It was after my sight came back that I noticed I no longer had much space on my hard drive. Gaming can really eat it up, no? I had Witcher 3, DA:Inquisition, Sims 4 and the Mass Effect games to play but I wasn’t sure how to manage my space well enough to do so at the time so I back-burnered it for a bit and dove back into little Indie-games and the like.

Around Fall I decided it was time to fix my hard drive problem but after really giving it thought I started to wonder if I’d get a new hard drive for Christmas. ‘Should I wait?’, I wondered …. I was thinking maybe I’d luck out and get another 225G SSD to go with the one I had. I was wrong.

960G SSD drive and mounting bracket

Holy Smokes!!!

This nearly made me cry. I don’t feel I deserve this at all but I’m so stoked it’s mine! I manage our finances and I’m pretty sure I saw the charge for this go through our bank. I thought it was gifts for the kids and didn’t question it at the time but, now? Wow have they come down in price! I’d have never asked for this because I thought these were still outrageously more expensive.

Moving on, I also looted this from under the tree!

Mario posable play sets

It’s Mario!

This was two sets of Mario posable action figures (forget how they were worded on the boxes) and I had fun putting them together for this scene. Mario will always be near and dear to my heart!

Lastly, I have a stocking now!

STocking with Steam gift cards and peppermint bark

Best holiday candy in the world!

I haven’t had a stocking since I was a kid but because I’m the one who does our stockings, no one noticed I didn’t have one until this year. They fixed that by buying one and filling it with my favorite peppermint bark, steam cards and a flash drive I can use with my phone, tablet and PC. My family rocked my socks off this year! I have enough money in my Steam wallet to get FallOut 4 … but it’s not on sale and I won’t be playing it any time soon so thinking I should wait and catch it on sale later. Especially since I’m still not 100% on wanting the game. We’ll see.



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  1. Fallout 4 is good but if you’re not 100% on it yet you’re not missing much. There’s always Undertale! Glad you had a good Christmas and hope you have a happy New Year!

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