I’ve got food on the brain!

Thanksgiving is, shockingly, less than two weeks away. This surprised me greatly as I was thinking, as of last weekend, that I still had about a month until the big dinner. Oof, color me surprised! Anyway, I have a menu now but haven’t started building the grocery list as of yet. I’m not procrastinating, just a little on the tired side and more than ready for a good long break with nothing to do more than gaming, sleeping and watching TV.

That said, I need to start prepping for Thanksgiving this week.

Yesterday I went ahead and cooked all the lunches for the week instead of splitting it up over a couple of days. (Three can mean a couple, no?) I’m still working on importing recipes into Pepperplate but that’s taking longer than I’d expected (due, mostly, to a demanding little three-year old) so I thought I’d dump the links for these recipes into a post (I’m forever losing my print outs). Maybe you guys would be interested? These recipes are simple, tasty and low-carb. If low-carbing isn’t your thing but you’d still like to give them a try, think sides! Potatoes, rice, pasta salads, black beans, … lots of ways to get in your carbs if you’re wanting them.

Side note, Bear is now up to 50 pounds lost while Mike is somewhere between 35-40 pounds lost. He still has a persistent little sweet tooth so he’s not seeing the same results as Bear is. Bear also has a sweet tooth that, occasionally, rears its ugly head but he’s a bit better at fighting it than Mike right now. Happens, no?

The one recipe Mike and Bear request the most for lunches is CaveMan Keto’s Crockpot Buffalo Chicken. I love it because it’s SO DARN EASY to make it practically makes itself! When this is a supper instead of lunch and I’m the one fixing their plates I serve this on a bed of baby spinach, one cups worth, which adds an extra carb and lots of vitamin C, lutein (supposed to be good for retinas), beta-carotene and other awesome nutrients. Bear adds a little extra Franks to his where as I love it with a dollop of sour cream.

The second most loved of the lunches is ibreath I’m Hungry’s 10 minute “No Chop” Chili. I cut the cumin in half and don’t use the coriander but otherwise follow as written. It’s easy to make bigger batches so I tend to use five pounds of beef (convert all ingredients should you make a bigger batch) every week. This goes pretty fast as darn near everyone eats it, not just Bear and Mike. Normally I ask everyone to take it easy and not go bonkers on the low-carb lunches but this one gets a pass, it’s open to all.

Fluffy Chix Cooks has a chicken salad recipe that everyone here BUT Bear seems to enjoy. Well, as long as I don’t pulverize the chicken and veg in my food processor that is. Using the food processor gets the chicken and veg so small they get lost in the sauce. Rough chopping works best for this chicken salad as you can taste ALL the ingredients and not just the mayo. I start by boiling a whole chicken which, usually, yields between 28-30 ounces of meat once the bird has been deskinned/deboned. I adjust the recipe to match the amount of chicken and use the carcass and scrap veg to make a big pot of broth/stock. I have a big bowl of stock in the fridge that I made last night. Letting the fats float up and congeal so I can defat the broth before freezing it. I know you shouldn’t worry with that on a keto-plan but, I can’t help it. I always defat my broth. Anyhoo, I recommend rough chopping everything rather than the fine mincing the recipe calls for as it tastes SO. MUCH. BETTER!!!

Caveman Keto’s Marinated Pork Chops is a relatively new addition to the weekly lunch routine. Routines are great for reliability and the more you make something, the easier it gets (and faster!) … but, boredom can set in so I searched for something new, something not chicken and something simple to fix the lunch rut they were starting to complain about. These pork chops couldn’t be any simpler to make. I introduced this one as a supper and served the pork on greens with a homemade vinaigrette and side of steamed broccoli.

Supper last night was meatloaf and green beans. The green beans were the last of the beans I put up from the garden (cries). They love my meatloaf so I figured since Britt is now on a low-carb diet I’d need to make sure we had extra food to cover a week’s worth of lunches. I made a three-pounder but decided to adapt CaveMan Keto’s BBQ Pot Roast into a BBQ meatloaf. I didn’t use the bacon grease (doh), swapped the shoulder for three pounds of ground beef, used half an onion, half the vinegar and left out the sweetener and liquid smoke. It didn’t have a strong tasting BBQ flavor but it was very tasty all the same. Britt had seconds on the meatloaf even! I would have if I hadn’t been sick of looking at food by that point.

Tonight will be broiled cod and steamed broccoli because I’m tired of washing dishes. It’s a low-carb meal when done right but fish is low-fat in the protein world. I figure the Keto-heads can eat meatloaf or something instead if they want.

Need to get this grocery list done this afternoon so I can game tonight. ‘Least, that’s the plan. Wish me luck!


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