Looking for holes in our budget

I’ve been looking for ways to trim our bills where ever possible. We do budget billing with our power/gas company and I’ve been taking stock of what we use, how often we use it and trying to get the kids to lighten the load on our power consumption. Myself, I’ve been trying to cut the amount of time my computer is on for a start. I’m bad about turning it on as soon as I wake up, letting it run all day and not shutting it down until I go to bed at night. It’s a habit! I’ve managed to, most days, cut the time it’s on down by six hours. I don’t always remember but I’m working on it. Old habits are hard to break!

I did find a way to save $60 a month. We were paying Dishnetwork $84 a month for a bare-bones channel package. We’ve had Dish longer than we’ve had Babygirl and she’s 18! Nothing if not loyal (I have a serious rant about Dish but I’ll not bother you with it today). Anyway, we cancelled Dish, bought a Chromecast ($35-40, one time fee) and signed up for Hulu Plus ($8 a month) to go along with our Netflix subscription ($8 a month) and, for now, are doing the CBS All Access ($6 a month). I’m not sure if we will keep the CBS one … thinking we could watch our CBS shows via Hulu, maybe have to wait up to eight days after they air? I’m still unsure how that works. Either way, $24 a month beats $84. Long story short, looking everywhere for ways to trim the amount of moolah we have going out each month.

Which is probably why this happened.

My office ceiling tiles bulging from water

This sight did not make me happy.

That’s my office window underneath a few bulging ceiling tiles. Nice, no?

We had crazy wind and rain yesterday and the ceiling started leaking. The upstairs window, directly above this one, was allowing water to come in between the sill and the wall. The water collected and decided to make an entrance in grand fashion into my office.

My office ceiling tiles giving way to water

Recognize the map on the wall?

Hours before Mike had asked Bear to shut the storm window on the upstairs window above our office. He went up to do so but forgot. I’m guessing the leak has been happening all summer but we didn’t realize until getting the obnoxious weather yesterday. The smell coming from the hole in my ceiling is foul. Foul, people, FOUL! (super musty and mildewy)

Six ceiling tiles down from my office ceiling

Oof, the smell pouring out of this hole!

Only six tiles came down, something I probably shouldn’t complain about given all the tornadoes that spawned across Iowa last night. The wood is wet and needs to dry before Mike can repair the ceiling. This wasn’t in the plans for saving money, let me tell you. Having to replace our fridge and stove this summer wasn’t either!

Earlier this year we paid off and closed all of our store credit cards. Since, we’ve run up most of the rest. Best laid plans and all that … We have all but stopped throwing money at our local Casey’s, a feat I never thought I’d see. You can seriously nickel and dime yourself to death at convenience stores, no? Progress IS being made but I sure wish Murphy would stop trying SO HARD to thwart it. The coming months will be tighter than I’d previously thought but we’ll get there. I have no idea what Christmas will look like at this point but as long as Boo gets one, I’m good.

I should probably go take a peak at the basement now and make sure it’s not wet.


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