1967 Danish Modern Credenza

Years ago Mike expressed an interest in owning an old cabinet stereo. I’ve been looking ever since but when you get to the ‘old’ ones the prices can pack a serious wallop on your wallet! I found one once for $150 but it was advertised as a ‘build your own’ due to the fact that it was just the cabinet, the speakers, record player and radio having long been removed. I couldn’t justify that much for the shell, even if the ‘shell’ was made during a time when construction and quality were designed in a way that meant it would last. Which, I think, is part of the allure of these old pieces for Mike. They don’t make furnitures like they used to, no?

Saturday Babygirl came in from work and asked if she could borrow some cash as she’d passed a yard sale just outside of town and wanted to go take a look. I had $40 on me so I handed it to her. She came home with two gorgeous Santa snow globes and a tale about a big cabinet “thingy” that looked like it was made specifically to go in our house. She said if she’d had the money and a place to put it she would have bought it. They were asking $40 for it. I asked questions and she tried to answer. She’s never seen a cabinet stereo with a record player and old radio but she did understand what it was. Her answers to my questions were enough for me to know what she meant, but I had a good laugh at her struggles to name specifics.

Danish Modern Mid Century Credenza

I spent most of my weekend chained to my kitchen and laundry room, cooking a weeks worth of breakfast and lunches (and doing laundry … I hate laundry sometimes!) so she offered to go back and get pictures. Long story short, she told the old man at the yard sale about my search to gift Mike a relic of his childhood and the man sold it to us for $20! Then came the hard part: where on earth was I going to put it??? I’d wanted to make this a Christmas gift but there’s no where with enough space to store this sucker that he wouldn’t see it. It stayed in her vehicle until around 10pm when I finally decided he’d just get it early.

“Mike, will you help me bring your Christmas present in?”

“What? No, don’t give me something early.”

“I don’t have anywhere to put it and I kind of want you to go ahead and see it anyway.”


“Put it in Bear’s truck. I’ll never find it there.”

“It’s too big. Come help me get it.”

“No, Teresa, save it for Christmas. Put it in Babygirl’s car.”

“Mike, it’s too big to stay there. It’s touching her front seat and the hatch door and she needs it out.”

“What the heck is it??”

“Come see! Please?”

Danish Modern Mid CenturyCredenza, inside view

It took some doing but I finally convinced him to help me retrieve his gift. I took a flashlight with us so he could see it. His face lit up as soon as he laid eyes on it! Want to know why? I had no idea but it’s almost exactly like the one his aunt and uncle had when he was growing up. This uncle was a father figure to Mike and he spent most of his childhood playing with his cousins in that house (and working the farm his uncle owned).

The craziest thing, to me, is that this stereo still works. Needs an antenna but we were able to tune in and listen to a radio station after getting it in the house. The record player powers on and tries to work but the arm jumps to a spot about midway up the record, plays a tiny bit, jumps back to the resting position and does it all over again. Mike says it needs a new needle (which, I’m sure it does) but I think it needs a weight adjustment to the back of the arm to keep it from jumping back and forth. I’m thinking a penny and some tape fixed this problem in my record player when I was a kid, but it’s been so long the memory is faint.

The record player can play 78, 45, 32 and 16 records (I’d never heard of 32 and 16!) and there were two albums in it, an old Christmas carol collection and a scratched up Englebert Humperdinck one. Heh. I’d love to fit it with a CD and MP3 player but I don’t think Mike wants to see that happen. It didn’t come with a tape deck but there are hook ups on the back for that along with extra speakers. I’m assuming by ‘tape deck’ it means 8-track since this one is a 1967? All in all, he seems rather happy with the credenza and is looking for parts to buy incase this or that breaks. Shame we didn’t find this before Radio Shack closed!

Now to figure out how to, if I’m saying this correctly, brush the comb filters in the speakers?


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