Nervous giggles, I hope?

A couple of years ago my brother was told he needed to get serious about his diet and lifestyle as without changes, he was headed for diabetes. When he told me I took it rather seriously, too seriously for his liking, and he brushed me off. He’d just lose X amount of weight and everything would be fine. A few days ago he called and told me he’d been diagnosed with full on diabetes.

And he giggled, a lot, during our short conversation. #Sigh!

I hope it was just a case of nervous giggles, of some sort, but it frustrated me all the same. I had to cut the call short to go help Mike with something and haven’t returned his call yet. Mostly I’m hoping when I call him he’ll want to talk and not giggle and do the “blah blah blah” thing he did that night on the phone. Not for my benefit, honestly, but for his.

I suggested he get a glucose meter and strips to keep tabs on his sugar levels at home. He said they’d put him on medication and everything would be fine. We talked about one of his favorite treats from a local fast food place. He said they make the best and when I told him, “No, they don’t. Not anymore!” he said he knew he couldn’t have it anymore. That’s a good sign, that admission, and I hope he can find the resolve to stick to it.

Resolve is a hard thing when you feel you’re denying yourself something you love, something you want that you used to get whenever you fancied. I’ve been working hard at cooking low-carb for my son and trying to make sure lunches are different every week and supper almost every night. Boredom can lead to temptation, after all! I overheard him tell his brother that if it wasn’t for me cooking so much for him, he wouldn’t still be eating low-carb, that he’d have already given up on it.

This worries me greatly as he and Britt are looking for a place of their own and, once that happens, he needs to cook his own food. What’s more, with both him and Britt working, meal prep could easily fall by the way side given their schedules and being full-time responsible for Boo. They’ve never had her by themselves for more than a few days, a week once I think.

Challenges lie ahead!

Anyway, I’m working on an email to my brother with a few simple recipes he should be able to do at home that might help him. I don’t know how many salads he eats but they can be very simple to put together, tasty and filling. Baby spinach, a lean protein like turkey breast (could get a deli to slice it up for him to make it easier to add to his salad), raw broccoli, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, shredded cheese and a vinaigrette (they’re super simple to make, especially if you mix it all up in a mason jar and shake to emulsify) make a great salad that comes together pretty quickly. It may not be the burger he wants it’s an easy meal.

I know for myself the hardest part of eating better is retraining my tongue, so to speak. It took me years to be able to eat fish, for instance, and not only get it down my throat but actually enjoy it. I still have problems with ‘fishy’ tasting fish but cod with yogurt and lemon broiled on top? Oh my, I love the stuff now! I steam a lot of veggies (warning, incase you’re dumb like me, NEVER steam eggplant …. the taste is good but the texture is an INSTANT turn off!) in a big steamer pot but I know you can buy frozen veg in steamable bags and do it right in your microwave. Add a little (real) butter, salt and pepper once it’s done and you’ve got an easy side dish.

There’s a lot of things he can do if he wants to. I really, really, really hope he’s ready and wants to! Diabetes is known as a silent killer and can cause so very much pain and suffering. I don’t want to see him go down that route.


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