LotRO: Muscle memory doesn’t always help!

Glitch allowed me to fly, Screenshot above Stock looking towards Bree, LotRO

Above Stock, looking towards Bree

I’m sticking screenshots in this post that have nothing to do with this post. It’s like a story within a story. Almost could call it a ‘nesting post’. (not really) Last weekend on Windfola I was on my horse riding into Bree from Staddle. I passed under the Staddle Gate and started down the ramp, hit a glitch (that dismounted me) and was airborne! I flew to the South Stable Master and then on to Stock before, after waiting for a GM that never answered, relogging so I could reacquaint my feet with the ground. The screenshots in this post were taken during my flight.

I’ve been playing more on Arkenstone to get to know my kinmates now that my old kin made the transfer from Big E to Ark. Going in I only knew two of them (and those two I’ve known since my old Windfola days, *eons* ago). They have a Teamspeak server but I hadn’t installed it until last night. This kin, my old kin, is super quiet, not many people at all, and most don’t look at kinchat. It’s been frustrating, only having one or two people to talk to! Last night I got on voice chat and before I knew it three of us were attempting the Watcher! When the idea came up I knew I wanted to go as I’ve NEVER done that instance. Ever. On any character. I asked if I could bring my level 68 Lore-Master and off we went.

Flying over Breetown LotRO

People, I cleared the top of that building with ease!

We had a level 100 Guardian, 100 Lore-Master and then myself, a 68 Lore-Master. I thought, given their enthusiasm, we had it down. I was right, too, if down could mean I was killed so fast it made my head spin! The first attempt I was two-shotted. The second attempt I was three-shotted. The third attempt I was on my level 85 Captain and lasted a bit longer. After that we put a call out on /World and were joined by a level 100 Warden and a 76 Guardian. After a couple of more attempts we added another level 100 Lore-Master from our kin. Zee Watcher is fierce! He’s also dead now so all is well.

Flying over Bree, headed to Stock, LotRO

Flying to Stock!

After we’d beaten the Watcher I logged back into my Lore-Master to take a good and deep look at her, hoping to see what I’d done wrong. After my first fast-as-lightening death I actually checked to make sure she was wearing armour. She is! It’s the sets from doing SG back in Mirkwood even. Watcher saw my awesome armour and said, “Ohhh, look, a tiny snack!”. Anyway, I have decent armour and jewelry. One of my kinmates did an inspection and said I need a new staff (I don’t know what legacies you want now). My son told me with only three of us I most likely fell so fast due to the Watcher’s amazing tentacle ranged damage. Perhaps. It was soul-crushing to be defeated before I really had a chance to do anything. Anything, like, figure out where my skills were!

Flying over Bree, looking at the Brandywine Bridge, LotRO

The Brandywine bridge is coming up, almost there!

Since undeleting my Lore-Master I’ve done one little quest chain on her. I started in Galtrav (?) and killed my way to the crazy Lore-Master dude who wanted to be the new Saruman. I completed his quest chain and, I think, killed a few boar. That’s it. A friend suggested running Keeper of the Animals trait set and the idea of the skill that brings out all your pets had me intrigued. I’ve yet to use that skill. When I put the points in to set up KoA, my skills changed and rearranged. I found two or three that I recognized as my ‘old mainstays’ and didn’t pay much attention to anything else. That’s what I was doing in the Watcher tonight. Trying to find certain skills AFTER the fight started. I have the muscle memory as my mouse went right to the slots that used to hold those skills. They were just different!

Upward view of my character chilling way above Stock, LotRO

You’d think I’m falling in this screenshot, but, nope. Just chillin’ with the stars.

I switched from KoA to the red line, Master of Nature’s Fury (think that’s what it’s called) right before starting a Dark Delving daily. The idea of dailies for those instances does not sound new to me but I don’t think I’ve ever done one. Some of the group needed a boss there so off we went. The first couple of pulls I didn’t do much because my skills had changed again and I was a little bit lost. Not sure why I hadn’t realized that would happen …. We did get the quest done but it took a couple tries as the boss kept tossing us to our deaths. I think the trait switch zapped some of my morale but by the end of the night I felt a little better about playing with others on my Lore-Master. Next time I log her in she’ll be running skirmishes to relearn how to fight properly! Makes a huge difference when you know where your skills are, let me tell you! I had a blast and since we were on voice there was a good amount of talking, another thing that made a big difference for me. Hopefully it won’t be too long and Condi will finally get her chance to do SG. Still need that for an epilogue.


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