LotRO: Floundered into a bubble

I was going to start this post off by showing you how I have gobs more play time on Condi, my lvl 85 Captain, than I do on Poldora (Original Ranni, had to change her name), the only character I still have from open beta before Shadows of Angmar released. I logged in to catch the play times and was shocked at what I saw.

Playtime on Condi, LotRO

Condi’s play time


playtime on Original Ranni, LotRO

Poldora’s, (original Ranni), play time

Worth noting, Poldora is, I think, a lvl 67 Lore-Master. I’m not sure why I haven’t put in the leveling time with Poldora that I have with Condi, but the play time is much higher on her because I’ve spent countless hours upon hours helping run lower-leveled content for friends, kinnies and randoms. Like, TONS!

Anyway, my point in all of that was this. I’m not new to the Captain class, persay, but today was the first time I’ve really played her since trait trees came out. And, hoo_boy was it an experience. Take mounted combat … I did okay enough but, honestly, I’m glad no one was around to see me kill the mounted foes I went after. After doing a quest that had me kill five mounted enemies I stopped to read my skill tool tips, wonder where the bubbles came from (have Captains always had bubbles and I just blocked it out???) and then remounted to traverse across the map to my next objective. I was riding along nicely when, suddenly, out of nowhere, I was falling. After what felt like I’d been limping forEVAR I moused over the injury icon and saw I still had 21 seconds of limping left to do. That mountain cliff came out of NO WHERE! Plus, it was night-time and snowing in the Wildermore and I may not have been paying as much attention as I should have been.

Talk about a learning experience!

But, you know, I’ve gotten way ahead of myself here.

A couple of nights ago I was meeting kinnies I didn’t yet know and deeding on a lvl 26 when one of them asked me if I had higher level toons. I told them about Condi and how I’d rage deleted her after trait trees hit but not before trashing all of her belongings. When I got over myself and came back I went to the AH to look for a weapon her level. I found only two, bought them and then put her down because I wasn’t happy with the axe and 1-hander blade I’d bought. One of my kinmates offered to make me a weapon of my choice. I refused for a bit because this predicament was of MY doing and I didn’t have the mats needed to craft a new halberd. Or anything, really. He made me a 2nd age, level 85, halberd that I am VERY happy with and didn’t ask for any mats! How cool was that?

I identified my new shiny and then set out to find the next part of the Epic Condi needed. Between that night and the following morning I bet I put two hours into traipsing back and forth, ALL OVER THE MAP, looking for Horn. I knew I’d finished Volume 3, Book 9 and, last I remembered, Horn was supposed to be at the Entwash crossing. He wasn’t, though, and I could not find him. One of my Twitter friends went to the Epic Book Wiki trying to help me find him to no avail. Want to know why?

Screenshot of the Epics I've finished on my Captain, LotRO

I was looking at the completed quests, specifically the completed Epics, wrong. I had scrolled down to Book 9 and opened it, referenced the Wiki and saw that I had, in fact, completed it. Finally, I found Horn but, (without spoiling it incase there are others, like me, who are seriously behind on all things LotRO), I immediately knew I had a huge gaping hole in the Epic story. I sat for a bit trying to fill in that gap, assuming I’d forgotten some big points, and just couldn’t get it to make sense in my head. Then I noticed the Epic quest I’d picked up when finding Horn was the start to Book 11. The gap I was missing was Book 10!

I was a little frustrated when looking at my completed Epics, A_GAIN, and hit the scroll button on my mouse a little too hard. It scrolled back up to Volume 3, Book 10. Turns out A) I’m an idiot, B) I was needing the fourth chapter to Book 10 since I’d done the first three and C) the completed Epics aren’t necessarily listed in the order completed. Once I had that all sorted and had fessed up to my supreme “doh-ness” to my Twitter friend, I went straight away to Horn. Well, he didn’t pop until I accepted the next quest but I did find him.

I played through the next couple of chapters but, in doing so, I had to stop (before stopping to reacquaint myself with the mounted combat skills) and reorganize my skill toolbars. THEY. WERE. A. MESS!!! Now they’re in a better and more sensical order (to me, anyway) and I actually had fun on Condi. Fun took some serious doing but I’m looking forward to leveling her up now!

Reordered skill bars on my Captain, LotRO

Maybe I’ll even engage in a bit of group content, once I get my bearings and confidence back. Should be fun!



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