This past week has been a giver of stress in so many ways! I’ve been wanting to just sit and watch TV for a few hours now but was waiting for Mike and Bear to finish their shows. Not sure what they’re watching but I have no interest in it, plus I don’t like talking through a show, something Bear loves to do. I wanted to watch something by myself so there’d be no distractions or interruptions. So I waited until they went to bed, got an icy drink ready, used the bathroom and then, before I could even start towards the living room, Goose beat me to the TV.

That pretty much sums up my week.

The flies have been horrendous! The suckers will dive-bomb your face, specifically, my eyebrows, repeatedly. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve smacked my forehead the last few days in desperate attempts to kill them! Boo is acting out seven ways from Sunday and then some. She’s bound and determined she’s going to control everything and everyone in the house. I’m trying to back off and let her mom and dad take care of this, whenever possible, but GOOD. GHOD. do they give in to her a LOT! Or (one of them) goes to the other extreme and is over-bearing. No middle ground. No consistency. No structure. No peace in the house and we’re almost at the point of not having any nerves left to be stomped on.

I sat in my office last night listening to them deal with the latest episode of toddler tyranny. She was refusing to eat her supper and they, while trying to deal with her, were also looking at funny pictures on Bear’s phone. It was a horrible run of bad timing but they’d laugh at a picture and it timed up to being just after she’d screamed or barked another order. They didn’t notice this. Boo, however, did notice the laughter and thought they were laughing at her antics. I thought about letting them know what was happening but, you know, I don’t know what I’m talking about and once they’re in their own house all the problems with Boo will cease. So says Britt anyway. And yes, that does make me chuckle, for reasons she can’t begin to comprehend, but will. Once they get their own place. Heh.

That’s not to say I’ve sat idly by listening. I’ve stayed on Boo during the day when Britt’s at work and the guys are outside doing their thing, so much so, I’m the hated authority figure at the moment. Boo has taken the opportunity to tell me, three times in two days, that she can’t love me because she loves Daddy and Grandpa. That’s all I need to see to know I’m doing something right and, hopefully, that light at the end of the tunnel is the shine of a more well-behaved Boo and NOT the headlight on the Boo-train coming to run me over.

We’ll see. (cross ya fingers and ya toes!)

I can still see the capsule in my eye. It’s top center of my central vision and causes a big dark shadow to appear there (meaning, everything I look at has this darkish shadow over it). It’s ON MY LAST NERVE! It still wiggles around a bit, though not as much as it did the first week or so. I’ve been doing a lot of prep-heavy cooking in the kitchen the last couple of weeks and have had to slow down my knife work considerably. I’ve gotten fingers with my knife several times, though, not hard enough to break the skin. I did slice a nail tip off when my knife jumped one night, though that had little to do with my sight and more to do with holding my knife wrong.

I’ve so over the garden. There’s a butt-load and a half of veg that needs to be picked right now but Mike said he’s afraid to go get it because of my reactions when they bring the veg in. By the 5-gallon bucket full(s). Eggplants. Squash. Tomatoes. Out the ying-yang! And I’m so tired, this week the exhaustion was surprisingly awful, making me move at a snail’s pace. Mike is still scraping, caulking and fixing rotting boards on the house so he can paint it. Bear’s supposed to be helping but … It’s mostly just Mike.

And on the garden? Bear has decided he wants to try and stay at 20 carbs a day or less. Bear and Mike are doing this together. Know what eggplant is? Carbs. Know what I did a couple of nights ago? Served them eggplant parm for supper that, if I did my calculations correctly, was around 37 carbs per serving. Why? They brought in five eggplants (I hear there’s another 4-5 waiting to be picked) and I didn’t know what else to do with them. So I made casseroles of eggplant parmesan. Our luck with eggplants has been so poor (they just don’t produce much at all) Mike only planted one this time. We’ve got them out the wazoo this year! Figures, no? Finally get a great (bumper-crop really!) return of eggplant the summer they decide to go low carb.

It’s maddening.

My back still hurts. Hurts because it seizes up, assuming, because of the knotted muscles. I remember thinking that maybe being forced to just sit for nine hours as we went to get Mike from Indiana would do my back some good. That was mid-July. I’d hurt it, originally, in the week prior to him falling out of the truck. My back is a yellow-bellied-low-life-traitor.

Bear and I were talking about gaming last night. Thursday I worked my bum off in the kitchen, cooking ahead lunches and breakfasts for a week so Bear and Mike don’t have to fret over what to eat. It’s in the fridge, ready to be nuked and devoured. Plus, I had a five gallon bucket of romas to deal with and the eggplants. Thursday was an exhausting kitchen chore day! After supper I decided I’d earned gaming time and fired up LotRO. When the kids heard the game music ring out they all scattered and left me with Boo. Only, no one told me I was watching her. When I realized what had happened I was livid. Completely so!

So much so I took two gaming days for myself, Friday and Saturday. I interspersed gaming with chores (laundry, picking up a little, stuff like that) since I was doing low- level area deeds. Still, I gamed my heart out and enjoyed myself tremendously. Today I’ve got to get back in the kitchen and make more quiches, chili and supper, along with garden cooking. Bear and Britt will be out-of-town all day for a friend’s birthday and Boo will be here, with me, mean-old-Grandma. Grandpa, Mike, will be working on the house all day. We’re losing time to get it painted before the cold sets in. Our lows have been in the 40s (F) the last few nights (it’s gloriously amazing!) so the house needs to be painted ASAP. I’m dreading today, especially since it ends with an injection.

Mike’s been trying to do them as quickly as he can to get them over with since they terrify me so badly. Couple Sundays ago I bled he jabbed so hard. Last week was better but I think slower might be the key here. Fast and hard makes my eyes spring leaks.

Well this turned out much longer than I’d intended. I thought, at most, a couple of paragraphs. Haha! Thanks for reading. 🙂





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