Memorial poem

But my spirit is strong

My heart is broken but my spirit is strong
The pain and the sorrow lift me higher, not lower
I soar above the mangled piles of hope and despair
What once was a symbol of the prosperity of dreams
Lies silently on the streets in somber memorial
The loss so palpable it stretches across the world
I see hearts that are broken bonding with strangers
People running to prop up the ones that are falling
An outpouring of tears mixed with sadness and courage,
Love and support, hope and determination
The buildings may be forever gone
But the lives lost will live on in hearts forever
A great nation was not brought to it’s knees
But united with others across the land and waters
Pulled together and made stronger
Turned into a bridge constructed of shoulders
As passage for all who need comfort
The tears I shed are not just from sadness
But also from pride for the greatness I see
My heart is broken, but my spirit is strong

-September 13, 2001


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  1. My thoughts to all that have to live on without those who perished 09/11!

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