We didn’t just buy a new refrigerator

Saturday evening, while discussing buying a new refrigerator to replace the dud refusing to work in our kitchen, Mike said we should also buy a new stove. I thought we were just giving a little time to a shopping-fantasy but when I woke Sunday morning I found him looking at new stoves online. We had talked the night before about how our stove hadn’t been the same since we had it repaired a few years ago and how although it worked, we’d love to replace it. A few (couple, few, I’m not sure if it was two or three years ago now) years back I preheated the oven for a frozen pizza. That pizza was burned to a crisp, blackened-crispy, in the time it normally took to cook.

Long story short, it was either the flame sensor or something in the igniter that went bad and threw my oven into over-drive. That booger got so incredibly hot you couldn’t touch the outside of the stove without burning your hand. It even scorched my pizza stone, something the repairman said was impossible until he hooked our oven up in his shop and saw it (the hell-fire intense heat) for himself. He fixed whatever was wrong with it and it hasn’t done that since. However, it came home with a whistle (every time I used the left front burner it whistled the ENTIRE TIME the gas was on), the broiler was no longer … dependable (usually it broiled super fast, occasionally it didn’t broil at all) and cook times in the oven were longer than they had been pre-repair.

We’d talked with glee about getting a new stove Saturday evening but when I saw he was serious about it on Sunday, I told him I thought it would be best if we waited and upgraded our stove later since, wonky or not, we were still banging out meals with it every day. He said that made sense financially and that was that. Until Monday.

We’d finally decided on what fridge to buy Sunday night. I detest shopping with a passion! My husband LOVES to shop. He enjoys looking at every single thing a store has to offer, whether he plans on buying anything or not. I feel that shopping is akin to punishment. I didn’t go with him to buy the fridge.

new Kenmore gas range with 5 burners

Now, to be fair, he called me when looking at the ranges in the store and had me look them up online so I could see what he was talking about. I consented, telling him which one I wanted, when I realized he was definitely coming home with a stove. I’m still nervous about the added bill every month (bought these on credit, have 24 months to pay them off before interest hits) but, honestly, I adore this new stove! The only issue I’ve had was waiting on the broiler. I got so used to my old broiler getting the job done super fast (most of the time) normal time for a broiler to heat up feels odd.

Kenmore gas stove top with 5 burners

There are five burners with the center elongated burner perfect for a griddle pan or grill pan. The front left burner is called the “simmer” burner while the right front burner is the “turbo” burner, meaning it cooks hotter and faster. The oven feels bigger than my old one, though maybe it appears bigger because it’s SO CLEAN! The grates over the burner aren’t slick, my pots stay exactly where I put them. The buttons on the digital readout are easier for me to read than on my old stove and they don’t feel ‘hollow’ on the underside when you press them. I had a couple of buttons on both my old fridge and stove that had been pushed in because there was nothing solid behind them.

All in all I’m over the moon with my new appliances. A few months ago I would have told you we’d have to replace our microwave before anything else as it’s losing it’s mojo. I was excited at the prospect of getting a new microwave but now I’m hoping it lasts a long time yet, even though its almond-bisque self doesn’t match my new stainless black and grey appliances. Funny how that happens.


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