The sticker shock is real but I love my new fridge!

We found things in our freezer were starting to thaw last Friday and assumed one of the kids had left the freezer door ajar by mistake. Saturday, on finding food further along in the dethaw process, we knew we had a problem. Mike noticed the temperature control knobs for both the freezer and fridge were all the way down. It made sense, at the time, that someone else had noticed the freezer foods dethawing and, thinking someone had turned the controls the wrong way, turned them all the way down. Mike turned them back up and, for a bit, we thought our wallet had been saved from a huge hit.

So we lost a little food, cooked a lot Sunday and bought a new fridge on Monday.

French door fridge with a door-in-door feature

Pardon the horribly messy floors. The fridge had to come in the backdoor, once the door and parts of the doorway had been removed. That, and tracking through the back yard to the garage for tools left my floors looking less than stellar. Kind of matched my kitchen counters, really, after cleaning out what was left of the left-overs. (meaning, lots of messy containers and whatnot)

We wanted the french door opening fridge with a door-in-door feature over top of a chest/drawer freezer. I wanted one a little smaller but the stores here didn’t have that one on hand and we needed a replacement fast. This one is an LG and has almost 30 cubic foot of storage space. There’s water and ice in the door on the left but the ice dispenser is further back, behind the water dispenser. I really like that! You can lock the dispensers to keep curious little 3 year olds from creating puddles on your floor and there’s an alarm that sounds when the door’s been left open too long.

It’s late (nearly 3AM, I blame YouTube … can’t watch just one video!) and I am sleepy so I’ll post more on this (there’s more!) on another day. I must rest up so I can finish cleaning my kitchen. So glad trash goes out tonight!


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  1. Looks nice – congrats on the new fridge, enjoy it! It’s always an adventure when it comes to the “cleaning out the fridge” meals, plus you discover stuff in the fridge you never imagined you’d ever have during the process (is that…a beluga whale in the back?!?).

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