Witcher Adventure Game and GOG Galaxy

I believe it was a recent Humble sale where I saw the Witcher Adventure Game for $3.99 and, since it’s been on my Steam wish list for a good while now, I bought it. The install was through GOG Galaxy, not Steam as I’d thought. Since I have GOG Galaxy and a few games in my library there, I downloaded and installed the game, eager to give it a go.


The first (two) games I played, it’s not just that I lost them, I honestly didn’t know WHAT I was doing. Horrible fashion were my loses! Embarrassing! That’s when I decided it was time to watch all the tutorial videos and see if I could start piecing it together. The third game I played went much smoother. I still lost, mind you, but I was actually “playing” the game and not just fumbling around wondering what I was supposed to be doing.

I started off playing in offline mode with one person (me, as Geralt) and three computer players on a short game. Triss? Screw her. She freaking leaps ahead all over the board and finishes her (main) quest before you can suss out your side quests. Dandelion has luck on his side, the likes of which I’ve never personally known. Ole’ Yarpen, however, plays at a pace that better fits mine. After I’d watched the tutorials I decided I would have the computer play Yarpen and wouldn’t even fool with Triss the port-loving trickster or Dandelion. Although the game went better, I was still a bit frustrated with my limited knowledge on how to play (to win).

Or perhaps I should fess up and say ‘to play’ period. Cards games like this one aren’t really my thing. Uno and Skipbo, to name a couple, are what I think of when I think ‘card game’. Strategy adventure board/card games? Haven’t ever played any outside of Gwent in Witcher 3. I wanted to come clean both for honesty’s sake and to hopefully explain why the game was so confusing when I first started.

I fired up Galaxy again last night in hopes of not only learning more about the game but, well, I WANT TO WIN! I remembered everything I’d learned from the night before, applied it well enough to figure out a few more bits (like, Development cards need to be charged, something Geralt does with the “Brew” action) and turned my game around enough for this to happen.

Game over, Geralt won screen from Witcher Adventure Game

I won! Do I rock or what? (Don’t answer that…)

I am really starting to like this game. The music is exactly what I’d expect having played Witcher 3 (not finished, not even close). I recognize some of the lore in the card game from the series games, same with the monsters you have to fight. The quests take you all over the map and you run into very similar situations (and people!) from the series games. My Geralt of Rivia went to Rivia even. Tres cool! The board itself is beautifully done and the games don’t take too long to finish, especially if you’re allowing Triss some action. (&^%#)

If you’re interested in the game it’s currently cheaper on GOG Galaxy than Steam, as of this posting. Speaking of Galaxy, if you have the client and want a friend, ADD ME. I have exactly zero friends there and as much as that doesn’t matter, I feel all sorts of alone not seeing what games my friends are playing. I don’t know how to change my name there to something more recognizable so you’ll have to search for me as “N0NAME28” (<—- the ‘0’ is a zero, not the letter). My avatar picture is the same one I use on Twitter and for the flavicon on this blog.

Anyway, whether Galaxy and or board games do it for you or not, may the gaming ghods reign time for you this week!




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  1. I also Have that game but on steam along with my other witcher games. ironically I didn’t get in to the adventure like I did the RPG’s. I’m currently on my 5th play thru Witcher 3, over 400hours play time on steam.. LOL Its all about gwent for me at the moment. Mind you gettiing excited for next month as one of the expansion are popping out =D

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