It. Took. Eight. Freaking. Hours. People.

I should probably apologize for the use of periods after every word in my title but, emphasis. It’s needed.

Last week I made our meal plan for this week and then built my grocery list, handed it to Mike and waited for him and the kids to do the shopping. Well, I was cooking supper while they were gone, but, you get the picture. When they were home we put up the groceries and then ate. After supper Mike informed me that he and Bear would be starting a low-carb diet the following day. I slammed my finger on my mouse as hard as I could and hastily pulled up the menu plan for the week, glaring at him while shaking my finger towards my monitor.

“Low carb? Low CARB? You saw the menu. You bought the groceries. IT’S NOTHING BUT CARBS!”

“I know”, he responded with a smile. “It’s okay. We’ll just eat less or something.”

I wasn’t mad AT them, really, but I was extremely frustrated that they didn’t tell me this before I went through the process that is ‘meal planning’ and groceries. It’s been bugging defeating me all week and I knew I wanted to get this coming week’s plan right. They want no more than 50 carbs a day, which, for them and the way we eat, is a lot less. (Not every meal is high in carbs, I’ve found, but many of them are.) I sat down today (yesterday … writing this up Friday night) to do the menu plan and grocery list for this coming week.

It took a grand total of eight hours!

I was up and down a lot, looking at what I have in my freezers and pantry, estimating what I can expect from the garden and then learning how much of that IS HIGH IN CARBS! OH MY GHOD did I have a crazy learning curve to conquer today. I’ve never counted carbs, never thought much of it even though I knew, deep down, I should at least pay attention to what a carb is and how many I’m eating.

I’ve come up with a plan for this week that has three decent meals and three paltry snacks that, when combined, hit about 50 grams of (net) carbs for each day. Everyone will be eating the same supper but I told Babygirl that she needs to cover breakfast and lunch for her and Goose or they can eat up the cereal and sandwich stuff we have. Same for Britt since she doesn’t want to lose weight until after the wedding (she’s already bought her dress, it’s gorgeous, and it fits her now). Grandbaby has gotten a bit better about eating what we eat for supper, most nights, but this week I’m not going to force the issue with her. I don’t think she’ll like much of it, really.

I’m using keto friendly recipes for breakfast and supper but want to make sure I keep the fat on the low side, in terms of the meats we’re eating, so I don’t have to feel AS bad for all the cheese that’s in some of these recipes. Holy cow at all the bacon, sausage, cheesy higher fat count recipes I found today. This week our main dinner meats will be chicken but next week I want to move that to turkey. I’m thinking a low-carb-lower-fat keto(ish)diabetic(ish) diet plan would be better than all the meat and cheese you can eat. I’m still learning …. if this isn’t a good plan then I suppose we’ll find out soon enough.

my low carb menu plan for a week

This week’s menu plan (click to enlarge)

This is my menu plan, done in Google Keep, in list format. Nothing fancy presentation wise but it works for me. The first three items are the puny little snacks that Bear wanted. The next seven items are suppers. Lunch will be the same tuna salad on raw spinach every day and the last three will be breakfasts. The beans will be cooking in water in my crock pot, the eggplant sautéed (probably in water) and the rest of the veg will be steamed. The quiches (making two and cutting them into six slices each, one slice for breakfast) I’ll probably go ahead and make tomorrow so we’ll have an easy breakfast on hand that just needs a little time in the nuker.

What I didn’t consider was drinks. Never crossed my mind so, if they’re to stay in the 50 carb budget they’ll have to drink only water, unsweetened tea and plain black coffee. Mike already drinks those three as he doesn’t like his tea or coffee sweetened. Bear, oof. He adores sweet tea! He tried unsweetened tea tonight and said, “That’s nasty!”. I couldn’t agree more!

I’m already looking towards the following week’s plan but it’s bookmarked ideas right now. I’m assuming I’ll need to see how it goes this week and make adjustments next week. If this goes well I’m hoping to bump them down to 40 carbs a day, then see if we can work down to 30 a day. I’m not counting the dietary fiber in with the (full/whole) carb count so I’m basing all of this on net carbs. Is that the way you’re supposed to do it?

Hope so.



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  1. I’ve been doing keto – and just as a heads up, it is a BAD idea to do low fat / low carb. I eat bacon and cheese and fat out the wazoo. It’s really important to. If you do low carb / low fat you end up making yourself very sick. Just my personal experience (I spent a lot of time on the keto reddit for women learning about all this stuff when my hair was starting to fall out). That being said, I’ve dropped over 35 pounds in four months, so it definitely has been working for me. YMMV. 

    You’re counting them right, you don’t count the fiber, just net carbs. I stay below 20g of carbs a day – though I do have the occasional day here and there where I will have more (always below 50). Another important part – salt. They need WAY more salt than is in a normal diet. Also water. Lots and lots of water. There’s a few other vitamins that may come into play later on (potassium) but to stave off the “keto flu” you need loads of sodium.

    This reddit here (one of the safer ones in the world) is amazing for finding out information. Most of it is geared towards ladies, but it may still help you out. They also have amazing recipes.

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