Stuffed acorn squash is DA BOMB!

Acorn squash stuffed with sausage, onions, peppers, tomato and spinach

I’ve always wanted to try acorn squash but I’ve only ever prepared it sweet … halved, baked, loaded down with butter, brown sugar, cinnamon and maple syrup, then baked again. ICK. It’s so sickly sweet the smell of it turns my stomach so there’s no way I’d ever eat it that way. Mike, knowing I wanted to try this winter squash, planted some in the garden this year and brought the first three in for me to cook.

I was stumped.

I decided to hit Google and see if there were any recipes for a savory dish with acorn squash. BEHOLD! I found this recipe for Acorn squash with kale and sausage on epicurious!

stuffed acorn squash with sausage and kale , topped with cheese and breadcrumbs

I didn’t have the kale but I did have spinach. I used an onion instead of a leak, regular chub (breakfast) sausage in lieu of Italian turkey sausage and omitted the walnuts (didn’t have any). I sliced up quite a few romas from the garden and a few jalapenos from last years garden (I freeze them, they last forever almost!) and tossed them in the pan with the sausage mixture once it’d browned. The aroma that filled my house was incredible! Oh, I also added a dash dump of cayenne pepper. I was aiming for a dash but lost hold of the bottle and dumped. Ask me if I warned anyone before they ate ….

I’m so mean.

stuffed acorn squash, ready to eat

Perhaps if I’d been considerate enough to tell them of my gaff I wouldn’t have left them under the broiler too long. Karma! Still, they tasted great and, since I used gluten-free bread crumbs, they were *gluten-free. Mine certainly weren’t as pretty as the ones on but they were filling and everyone wants this dish again. Next time I plan on using ground turkey in place of the sausage, to help shore up some of the fat!

Sadly, I think there are only two more of these amazing squashes in the garden. Chipmunks destroyed much of our squash plants this year and I’m still crying over not getting any zucchini! I now hate the furry striped little beasts! If I could remember when the farmer’s market is open I’d send someone every week to check for them. Our farmer’s market is only open a few hours on Saturdays (and closes at noon I think!) and remembering this before they’re closed has proven impossible.

Wish me luck more acorn squash!

*Always read labels on anything you buy. It’s crazy where gluten can be ‘hiding’ and I’ve been surprised more than a few times, reacting to something I would have sworn was gluten-free so hadn’t bothered to check. 



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