Bit of a rant on Steam via Let the Cat in

Saw this F2P game, Let the Cat in, on Steam and clicked to see what it was about. The trailer video has me wondering who on earth thought that was the way to go to promote their game, the game I’m assuming they worked hard on. It did nothing for me, really, to make me want to see what this game was about. After looking through the screenshots I get it. The old lady dancing and “talking” in the trailer is supposed to be the cat lady in the game. I suppose, after looking at the screenshots, the trailer fits the game okay enough but that’s not evident, or wasn’t to me, at first.

I saw the reviews were “Very Positive” so I scrolled down the page to see what people had to say. You know, sometimes it’s hard to take reviews seriously. Perhaps there’s a bug with the reviewers ‘time played’ being logged and or shown correctly, but it looks a bit suspicious when you see a bunch of positive reviews coming from people who spent 0.2 hours actually playing the game. That’s more of a general statement in regards to game reviews on Steam than just on this particular game, something I probably should have stated first, no?

So the reviews aren’t very helpful for this game in general and make me wonder if folks just want to see their name on a store page. Still, I want to know more about the game so I decide to check the user tags.

Let the Cat in user-defined tags on Steam

Um, what? I thought this was supposed to be a cute little puzzle game with lots of cats? This game was picked by the community via the Steam Greenlight program, yet, I dunno. I’m scratching my head here. Are we, (that’s an in general ‘we’) just making fun of the game? Do we really hate it and hate that we downloaded it and so are hoping to snare other people into giving it a go, too, in that ‘here, come be stupid like me’ ‘misery loves company’ kind of way? Do we just not care anymore and are expressing our right to look like idiots online? Or does this cute little puzzle game with cats really have nudity, gore and psychological horror?

I should just download the game, give it a go and see for myself. Right? (Once I logged into Steam the game was not in the ‘recommended for you’ section … that’s probably even more telling than the store page.) I will say this: I’m just as curious to play this game as I am to understand why people write flippant reviews and pin weird tags on game store pages. Is there no “pick from a list and if X-number of people agree with you this tag will show” thing?

Going to go see if I can let the cat in.

In the interest of full disclosure ….

Screenshot showing I played Let the Cat in for 7 minutes via Steam

It only took a few minutes for me to TOTALLY get some of those previously-referred-to-as ‘flippant’ reviews. I still do not understand some of the user-defined tags on the store page, nor do I understand why that’s possible, unless there really is a naked cat (please don’t be the old lady) at some point in the game. I usually tend to like puzzle games but this one isn’t my cup of tea. Maybe it’s yours? If you see horror (I don’t count that whiny meowing as horror), let me know!


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  1. User reviews are the blessing and cancer of Steam. When I read your post I too thought “Oh please don’t be the old lady!” lol.

    Don’t feed the trolls…

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