Sunday Funny: Dishwater?

Had Babygirl’s boyfriend, Goose, wash dishes a few nights back. Mike came into the office and told me I might want to go check on Goose so, reluctantly, I did. I stood beside the stove, watching for a moment, and then asked:

“Whatcha doing?”

“Washing dishes”, he answered, as he stood there wiping over a 9X13″ pan with a brush.

“Where’s your dish water?”

“Oh, I don’t need any. Just washing the dishes you cooked with.”

…………… (I stood there, staring, trying to make sure I worded what I needed to say next without it being overly harsh.)

“I see I’m not the only one who needs to think about what they’re going to say”, he beamed.

“I’m trying to make sure I get my wording right so it’s not mean”, I replied.

“Um, what?”

“Goose, you need soap and water to wash dishes. Nice hot soapy water, actually.”

“But, why?” (he looked SO puzzled!)

“Because we want clean dishes to eat from so we don’t get things like food poisoning. You know?” I raised my eyebrows as I said this hoping to see that flash we call the ‘dawn of realization’ strike.

“…. Really?” (still looked puzzled)

“Yes, Goose, really. When you wash dishes you want to get them clean and that takes soap and water.”

“OHHHHHH! I didn’t know that!” (not making this up)

“Tell you what, how about if I make you dish water so you can wash them and get them clean?”

“Okay, but I’ve already cleaned this one”, he said as he held up the 9X13″ pan.

“Dude. It smells like wet dog. Rewash it after I make the dishwater.”

“Okay. Do you want me to wash it in the dishwater?”


So. This explains why I have to rewash dishes when he washes them! Guess we both learned something that night. /headdesk


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